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Fedex guy comes in..... He's a little frustrated because 'tis the season for LOTS of packages - especially this year... He just found it unbelievable that he was delivering packages that are only going across our small town from one warehouse to a small business.... that would only take like 5 minutes to stop in, say hi, and deliver personally. He - nor I - know any of the reasons why that warehouse chose to

The Big Slap

If you've been in internet marketing for any period of time - you've heard of the "Google Slap". It's used over and over and over (really - I've heard it in their emails and blog posts and wrote about it myself a few times - and here I go again....) and OVER... Why is the story told that many times? Because - it's the prime example of what can happen to you - in this
Are you there? Do you subscribe? Not so sure myself. You see - "no regrets" seems like - not owning up to the past. On the other hand -there is the "carpe diem" part of that philosophy. But here's the part that I'm inspired by today.... and maybe you. Or not - whatevs - do what you do. I read this on a recent post on flakebook: "I regret being too broke to go visit
There's this guy - he's one of the best copywriters and the best person to learn how to get people to buy through words alone - ever. Ok - not ever - there are the great Jim Camps, Gary Halberts, and such... But - he's a self-proclaimed villain of sorts, anti-feminist, and more. Some women say they "hate" this guy. Me? I've always loved a guy that IS a guy. In all his male glory.
Don't know about you, but when I first got started in this biz, I found it all overwhelming. Every week - during the weekly call - the diamond so-and-so would rattle off all the things he/she does every-single-day to get their biz going and off the ground. "It's all in the numbers", they'd say. So - off I'd go - filling in my spreadsheet with contact names and notes on conversations... Only to peter out
"That's what it's all about isn't it? That's what it's always been about. Gifts,, gifts...gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts! You wanna know what happens to your gifts?..." ~The Grinch (Jim Carrey version) "...and the avarice.... THE AVARICE NEVER ENDS!..." The last thing you want as a Mom are "entitled" children. You've met the adult versions - and they aren't pleasant to be around. The little children versions aren't either! They believe they don't have to
Moms are in their very own category. We don't have a choice - introvert or extrovert. We have to do what we do to accomplish our mission: creating productive adults who make the world a better place. On the other hand - it IS a fact that we all get energy from alone-time or people-time. You can tell - with your kid - which one gives them their energy. Say you go to a Christmas
It's the talk of the office. Everyone and their brother is talking about all the secx scandals coming out of the woodwork. Some stories - are even like 20 years old. Talk about holding on to the past?! (before you go whining to me about how unfair that is - I'm not "judging" them - I'm just stating a fact. When bad things happen - some things are harder to deal with - but again
A lot of subscribers ask, "What do I say to my prospects?" when I... .... introduce myself. .... successfully get them on the phone. ..... am ready to close the deal. "What do I say?" And - when do I pitch my product / opportunity? Valid questions. Especially after you've been taught to FORM them. You go on and on... chat, chat, chat.... about family, occupation, recreation, and blah blah blah.... All good actually -
Back in the day... When I first started doing the whole "contact-everyone-you-know-onFacebook"- thing, I did just that. Every. Single. Person... I knew. Even kept a spreadsheet and wrote a dumb database..... to track my oh-so-important contacts. Then I followed what everyone else was doing.... I even contacted and advised others to contact every follower on their "business" pages. (which the flakebook nazis don't like BTW) THOUSANDS of messages later, I still had nothing to show