Hey – Ginny here.  Welcome to my site. Learning is a life long passion and I believe it should be everyone’s. Our lives are too short not to learn as much as we can.  Home business marketing is what I’m engrossed in and what you’ll see a lot of here. In the future – you’ll see courses in various topics to choose from.  For now – come with me, learn what you can, and I’ll also share the direct sources of my discoveries.

Thanks for visiting!  See you soon!


Is Creative Thinking Only For The Arts?  I mean – Mr. Spock is brilliant right?  With all his logic?  But – if you remember – Spock was half human and he kind of needed Captain Kirk’s creative thinking to save the day.  And – Spock wasn’t ALWAYS logical anyway. So – most of us think of “creative thinking” as something to do with the arts…. Music, Art, Drama… But – what about thinkers who haveRead More
Some Habits Can’t Be Broken The Processional or Pine Caterpillar follows each other head to tail… in a line.   I’ll tell the story of an experiment in my video below – but they aren’t thinking creatures.  They just do – by instinct.  And – from what I read they are VERY destructive – defoliating swaths of forest. The problem with their – habit – for our purpose – is in the story… the experiment thatRead More
4 Happiness Habits for Success Happiness habits – can you create happiness in your life with habits? I talked in the video below about some lessons from Dr. Maltz’s book (you can get it for free – read how here).  His whole premise is to change your self-image to accomplish your goals.  Too often our self-image stifles our creativity and actually doesn’t give us enough room to grow.  It’s like we put these walls aroundRead More
8 Presentation Tips to Boost Sales *Small commitments lead to big commitments In this presentation – He got the audience to get up and follow instructions…. He basically said the mind controls the body,  the body controls the mind…  buying comes from the subconscious and emotion. Get your audience to say yes — 7 times before you offer your product. Throughout the presentation he asked questions…. got the audience to say yes several times.  Read More
The meaning Of A Job Well done More in the video – so watch it – sometimes I ramble – but you might find more in there 😉  Do you know the satisfaction of a job well done? When you’ve finished something -that took you a long time.  You’re exhausted – but – aren’t you satisfied?  When you look and ENJOY what you’ve done? That’s a key – to take the time to enjoy it tooRead More
Our Purpose – Our Service To Others “Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of other men —above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends, for the countless unknown souls withRead More
Enthusiasm Is Joy For Living I heard this story – about 2 men interviewing for a job.  Obviously during a time when trains were a main means of transportation….  I’ll tell this story in the video below – but it illustrates the importance of enthusiasm in our live.s Kids Have a Natural Enthusiasm They naturally want to learn. They start to walk and we call it the “terrible twos” because we’re so anxious about theirRead More
Just thoughts today on these quotes… “If you want to succeed, just look around at what everyone else is doing, and do the exact opposite.” ~ Earl Nightingale “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice… it is conformity.” ~Earl Nightingale Since I’ve had some decisions swimming in my head…. I look for insight around me and within so I stay on the path… or veer off if that’s where I need toRead More
Your Cold Market And Your Kids’ Stranger Danger What is cold market?  People who don’t know you. Same as a stranger – to your kid – people who we don’t know.  Period. Problem is – as a kid – we were taught (probably dating myself – but who cares) – this simple thing:  “Don’t talk to strangers.” What SHOULD We Tell Our Kids About Strangers? I got these ideas over here if you want toRead More
Prospecting Tips for Your Mom Biz “Does prospecting have to be so awkward?” “When do I bring up the business in the conversation?” Whether off-line or on-line – we make it awkward. Especially when we’re first getting started – it’s like we forgot how to talk to people.  Then again – in this day and age – a lot of people have forgotten how to talk to people. 1.  Be YOU – lead with yourRead More

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