7 Leadership Qualities To Teach Your Kids

Not Your Typical List of Leadership Qualities…

These are 7 qualities I got from Richard Branson’s book… so they aren’t exactly typical – but they’re definitely leadership qualities we can use and teach our kids to enjoy life a little more.   Watch the video at the bottom of this post for more plus – I go over some lessons you’ll get from my bootcamp if you so choose to take it…. on internet marketing.

This leadership quality is important.  Having integrity means being true to the value and morals you stand for… in action and in words.  When I talk to my kids about integrity as a leadership quality – I talk about conformity too.  While it’s OK to want to “fit in” and wear the styles other kids wear, it’s not ok to give in to peer pressure that makes you do things you know – inside – are wrong.

It’s also OK to want nothing to DO with “fitting in” as long as you stay true to YOU.

We talk about what our family values and what kinds of people we are.

Do we stand by when another kid is getting picked on? Or are we the kinds of people that say something?

When they were little -we did a project where we drew a tree and put on the leaves – the qualities that  we are.  What being a Krouth is.

Stay true to you.

Sense of Humor

Earl Nightingale talked about this in his book too.  What does having a sense of humor have to do with leadership?

It’s about getting along with people and getting things done.

Having a sense of humor lightens the load.

People with a sense of humor are viewed as more intelligent, trustworthy, and approachable.  What more would you want in leadership qualities?

leadership qualities - Richard Branson

Entrepreneurial Spirit

This is about encouraging others to be the best they can be.

Teaching personal development.  There’s ALWAYS something to learn…. from just about anyone, anywhere.

To encourage personal development in our kids, we actually pay them for reading books that teach them something.  Becoming better and constantly learning – forever – is part of living a fulfilling life.

Be Ultra Gregarious

This is – being social.

Get out and talk to people.   Face to face.

We are social beings… not meant to be hiding behind computer screens.  Encourage your kids to TALK to their friends instead of texting them.

Pick up the phone?  What?

Being social is one of the leadership qualities that seems to be disappearing.

Make eye contact


Be Open

You can learn something from anyone…. so don’t be afraid to make new friends, talk to strangers, and learn something from them.

Truly Care About Other People


Have empathy.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Don’t judge.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years – it’s that you NEVER know what someone else’s story is.  You don’t know WHY they act the way they do.

If they’re angry and always have a “bi*** face” on.  Let your heart feel for them.  They’re probably miserable for a reason.

While you can’t help everyone – be generous and caring.

Have Empathy


You don’t have to – nor should you – do everything yourself.

Work -is good for kids.

As a Mom, home business, taxi service, gardener, and everything else – I believe in child labor.

Trust your kids with tasks.  It builds confidence, makes them feel useful, and gives you more time to do more.

Delegate – don’t Relegate

To relegate – is to to put someone down… almost like – “this is a task not worth my time” – so you do it.

You’re not ABOVE any task.  But – you’re trusting someone to do something in your place.

Making people feel like you trust them to do something you’d normally do is definitely one of the leadership qualities worth honing.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If it’s someone else’s idea – give them credit for it.

Ideas are hardly ever truly original.

Practically everything on my blog is learned from some source and those sources? Learned from someone else.

I use my voice and tell you what I learn in my own way – but none of this is original.

These leadership qualities were from Richard Branson’s book and notes I took while I listened.  You can read it too – here.

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