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Moms' lives are crazy enough...

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  • I'm kinda good at figuring things out - so I help you out by saving you time.
  • Does the whole home business thing online have you confused and overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel like running your business online is just too complicated?
  • Ever just get stuck with the tech side of your home business?
  • Does overwhelm and that "stuck" feeling STOP your progress?
  • Are you ready to just give up and throw in the towel?

About Ginny


Yup - I’m a geek.

And I REALLY get all excited - to the point of giggling - when I figure something out that makes my life a little easier.

Like - “Alexa, Goodnight…”

And she turns off the lights and plays nature sounds for sleep for me.

Or - the little banner that puts my web-site above my Live streams that “OH, BY THE WAY…” I recorded at some OTHER time and scheduled to stream later….

So I have little videos all piled up ready to go over ALL my platforms at once.


Yeah - I really liked that one.

So - that’s me - the girl next door who figures things out cause I LIKE playing with tech and I save you time by showing you how to do it.

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