About Me


Hey I’m Ginny, your online marketing friend and coach.  

What I do- I help busy Moms learn cool marketing techniques to help more people.  It’s really important for you to get out there and help more people.  I hope you find the information on this page helpful and that you start using the tools you get to get your message out there.

Why listen to me

I started out blasting social media and harassing all my friends and family about this FANTASTIC product and can you help me out? Maybe you’ve done this.  Maybe you exhausted your warm market too.  I still get the fish eye look from some friends who think I might try and get them into this new opportunity I’m in.  What?  ?  You’re on this page because you’ve probably heard it before.  So– long story shortened.  I found this person online and she started asking me questions about what I was doing.  She looked at my web-site and offered a few suggestions.  I’m like, wow – is she ever cool.  Where was she learning this? I found out, I started learning.  Now I never hunt people down to talk to anymore.  They show up in my email list and I email them – get to know them.  OR – they ask me on social media.  People basically “raise their hands” and say – “Hey – I’m interested”.

Some personal Info

I’m a Mom, Wife, Pianist, Sales Person, Tech Geek, Fitness Enthusiast, Outdoor Enthusiast, Snowboarder, Gardener, Digital Scrapbook-er (goes with Tech Geek). One of my friends said I’m the super, uber, busy Mom who manages to run a business on the side.  True. I’ve learned to do that.  I want our kids to know that finding a job isn’t the only way to make it in this world. So I’m out to prove that.  You can too.

email me if you have questions ginny@learnwithginny.com

Let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter, Text, or Call. (920) 940-8464

Snowboarding with my kids 🙂