Are You A Hero?

Because you read my daily rants – you ARE!

In my eyes.

But – there are traits that make you even more a super hero.

My latest study in American heroes brings me to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Two frontiersmen – both famous legends.

They have qualities that we cherish – and that you have. These qualities will help you in your biz if you use them.


You are boldly and bravely delving into this home-biz world and learning new things. Daniel and Davy were both brave hunters. Davy, in particular was famous for his bear-hunting skills. Not only that – but both were brave warriors when our country needed them. At the Alamo – Davy and his men… all 100 of them – fought 1500 Mexicans from there. The 100 men were actually ordered to get out of there – but they chose to stay and fight.

You – choose to stay and fight too. You haven’t given up. Nor will you ever give up.


This trait goes hand in hand with honesty. Davy spoke from his tree stump and won elections. Even against foes that were backed by the mighty Andrew Jackson. He didn’t win them all because Jackson had a very strong political force and monee – which Davy did not have…. but just the fact – that Davy would stand by his word, tell the truth, and vote from his heart…

Even way back then, politics was a rank and stinky sewer. Good luck draining that Mr. Trump.

You – are an honest and honorable person – and that’s what will ultimately win your very loyal customers. You don’t put on a face that’s fake – you are true to who you are.


In the face of any army, bear, or angry Indian – Daniel and Davy were tough to beat. Making them veterans. You don’t get to be a veteran without living through the battles 😉

You are a tough cookie – hard to beat. You will survive. If not for YOUR sake, but for your children’s. As you win small battles, you’ll become smarter and tougher. Pretty soon – the hurtful words of the haters will bounce off your back when you realize those aren’t your valuable followers….

HOW do you use these traits?

Be real.

That’s how.

Think about your prospects. What are they worried about? When they log into their social media – what are they looking for?

Are they looking to BUY something?

I think not.

The only time they are looking to buy something – is when they go directly to Amazon or Google to look up the specific item they’re shopping for. Would that be your product?

Again – probably not.

But – what if they found you when they were searching for something?

What if YOU – speaking from YOUR tree stump – said something that they needed to hear?

You could do like Davy did – buy your fans a drink to leave your opponent without an audience… or….

You could read the exact plan….

I quote..From Chapter 2 of your Marketing Blueprint….. 92% of people are looking for information – not looking to BUY.

Read that book – find out how you can be where they’re looking – and how you can be exactly what they’re looking for.

Get your copy here:

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