You Still Doin’ That Thing?

Most network marketers have heard or will hear that phrase uttered from some well-intentioned family member or friend.
It’s the whole crabs in a bucket thing.
When one crab tries to climb it’s way out – the rest will grab at it and pull it back, safely, into the bucket.
They canNOT let that crab out into the unknown dangers outside the bucket.
I always thought that analogy was kind of strange. Crabs certainly don’t have brains and aren’t really thinking about anything. It’s instinct.
The visual is right though – people see you doing something risky and they warn you.
They have to – because they care.
(unless it’s one of those slime buckets that really don’t want you to succeed…… ‘nother story)
You’d warn THEM if you thought you knew something bad about whatever they’re getting involved in right?
I’ve done it myself. OMGEE – that’s one of those M-L-M things – it’s a scam – don’t DO IT.
It stings a little – on the receiving end.
You have dreams – you have goals – but no one is taking you seriously.
Here’s what you do.
Make it a REAL thing – a “real” business.
Real businesses advertise their services.
Sound intimidating? Don’t blame you.
It’s not as hard as you think – to setup your lead-generating-machine.
If you haven’t already – start with this book:
Read it – and book your free coaching calls.
Start making it real.
After you’re successful – you don’t have to say a thing about your success to the naysayers. They will see…. and say, “So – what are you doing now?”

~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning”

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The Hyper-aggressive Friend-ofFriend

Normally – I don’t pick up the phone when I don’t recognize the number.

If it’s important – they’ll leave a message.

No one that I know of – has ever enjoyed getting phone calls from sales people.

This one – for some reason- I picked up.

Conversation went something like this,
I’m putting [friend] in place of a friend’s name… to protect her identity. She doesn’t want you to know her like I do 😉

“Hey Ginny. I’m calling on behalf of [friend]. You could really help her out – give her a chance to earn $200 worth of free product….”

blah blah bah…

“You can have this free air purifier just for watching our 1 hour presentation and [friend] will get her free products”

blah blah blah…

Then – she plows through her script – saying, “When’s a good time for us to come into your home to present our product?”

Whenever your stomach clenches from a pushy sales pitch – your gut is USUALLY right.

If she’d have known me and my hubby – she’d have known – people don’t visit our house. Very select few friends or relatives are ever invited into our home.

There are lots of reasons.

Mostly – we don’t like people – but there are others.

We generally don’t like people.

We avoid large crowds – we like our space.

When you live in the sticks…. with acres and acres around you…. there’s a REASON why you live out there.

No one rings your doorbell.

When the occasional high pressure sales person inserts his/her foot…. they don’t stay long.

Not saying were unfriendly or reclusive (well – maybe a little reclusive) – but….

Get the point?

When we want to buy something – we go look for it.

And – we go look for recommendations from friends.

We research online.

We check out local peeps – if they’re up to snuff and not some Yooper hillbilly.

That was another line she used in her sales pitch – “we’re local”. Even though I dug a little and found the company behind the company is in Colorado.

I told her my schedule is crazy – it IS with 2 kids in sports, work, and side-hustles.

She insisted I find an hour to let her in.
I finally said – I’ll have to check schedules and get back to her.

She let me slide.


Of course – I’m not calling her back. I already have a device. (not the same according to her)

You know – I get it.
I KNOW she’s trying to help [friend] out.

I KNOW she’s trying to help me out… by making the air I breath better (where I only sleep lately).

I KNOW she’s only trying to share…. for free….. her super awesome product.

I also know the tactics she’s using:

*Social proof. (by using my friend as a reference and to add a little bit of peer pressure)

*Risk free. (it’s all FREE of course……) You know nothing’s free – I’ll feel obligated to buy something after that….

Getting people to part with their hard earned monee is very difficult.

Getting people to part with or share their precious time is even more difficult.

Instead of using a whole sales pitch – why not do this?

1. Find the people that really and truly need what you have.

2. Get those people to recognized their need for your solution. (not by talking to them – but by LISTENING)

3. Sell them what they need.

Sounds simple?

All laid out for you in this step-by-step manual…

In internet marketing – it looks like this:
1. Target the people that need your solution. Be there when they’re searching for you.

2. Give those people a reason to be on your email list.

3. Sell to your email list.

If it’s not email – it could be a social media platform you like – or another medium like video or audio….

If you start with the basics in – you might discover a better way…. then you can pick what works best for YOU.


“Never Stop Learning”

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Kill The Indian, Save The Man

Carlisle Indian School’s motto. This was in 1882.
I like history – and there’s a history guy on Twitter that posted this picture of a Native American in full head dress on the left and in a suit and tie with short hair on the right….
The automatic response on Twitter – from the hoards of Twitter surfers- got a lot of instant, emotional response.
“How sad” “Terrible” “What a waste of culture” “Talk about white-washing……”
Oh – the temptation to reply to all the emotional responses.
But – not having time for all that…. I decided to use it for email fodder.
Did they know the truth behind the man? And the story?
You see – to ME – they’re being very judgemental. They’re basically saying this man wasted his heritage – abandoned it – that the school stole it from him by making him “civilized”.
People graze the surface automatically without digging any deeper.
If they’d dug a little deeper like one person out of hundreds of shallow commenters did…. they’d find that he used his education to help his people.
That he never “abandoned” his heritage.
He went right back to his ranch with his fellow Indians and lived like he’d always lived. Minus the long hair because he evidently liked it short.
And – he took his suit and tie out when he needed to present himself in such a way.
**side note – I’m not saying I even KNOW for a fact what happened – but I did dig in a little bit to read the other side of the story…. there’s always more views to a story**
The problem is – even in our networking and marketing industry – so many of us only scratch the surface.
Never digging into the meat of what can be done with the power of the internet, social media, video, etc. etc.
Many of you on this very list bought the step-by-step book and never utilized the free coaching you get to implement all this.
The book – is here: The coaching – is in the back office when you login. If you need help finding it, I can point you in the right direction.
~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning”

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Because Google Said So!

Alexander Hamilton was a Latino.

Chart tells you when it’s too cold to walk your dog.

David Bowie had 2 blue eyes.

What’s true?

Wikepedia is ALWAYS right on right?
Well…. that’s the thing.

You don’t always know what’s true – unless it’s supported by factual investigation and proof.

Even science isn’t always accurate.

So – while it seems Google knows all – it’s a bunch of people like you and I that have put all this information out there on the internet. Wikepedia is made up of people’s contributions…. just people…. like you and I.

Same goes with internet marketers and self-proclaimed gooroos. If they’re beating their chests very loudly – chances are – they don’t know as much as they claim.

There are all kinds of tactics you can use to find leads, customers, prospects, whatever word you want to insert here.

But – we have to stay the course – the course of basic marketing principles.
You can certainly use tactics – as long as you stay on track.

1. Identify the right person.

2. Target the right person with the right message.

3. Get them on your list.

4. Sell to them – what they need.

Learn the step-by-step process in this book:


“Never Stop Learning”

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Why O Should Run

Can you imagine the media?

Kind of funny – if you watch the wave of emotions as a results.

Before I type these next lines – I want to give credit where credit is due – Sean Kaye wrote this in a private group of copywriters and marketers hang. They LOVE to use this political stuff as fodder for their emails.

Me? I don’t know enough to back up what I say – SO – I don’t SAY a lot.

Sean writes:

The Left a month ago: “Donald Trump wanted to be president so badly he conspired with the Russians to rig the election”

The Left this week: “Donald Trump really didn’t want to win the Presidency and was shocked when he did.”

The Left last month: “”We shouldn’t elect billionaire TV personalities with no political experience to be President.”

The left today: “We NEED to elect this billionaire TV personality with no political experience to the Presidency”

They parrot whatever the Times says basically.

Makes my head spin like Linda Blair trying to follow their thoughts.

With all the tweeting and fake news – it’d be a field day for those copywriters. They’d have fodder for 10 daily emails!!

so – yeah – O should run. It’d be VERY entertaining for us “normal” folk.

Like him or not – Donald Trump is a master of puppets. He tweets and everyone on the left barks like a herd of seals. He has control over their emotions with the powerful use of 120 characters.

Can you imagine that kind of power?

Could you make a few sales?

Well – yeah – of course – BUT – we aren’t Donald Trump.

Who the heck knows who “Ginny” is at…..??

But – I do have you – and you’re reading this.

I used the exact process laid out in this step-by-step guide. And you can too. The bonus – of having a coach help you get started – alone is worth triple the cost.

Get it here:


“Never Stop Learning”

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Why Chasing Perfection Is OK

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” ~Vince Lombardi
I want to talk to the people with the perfect hair, nails, smooth skin, and no fat….
Don’t be offended if that’s you – all of us women are jealous and our very own men drool in your presence.
but – there is this thing – that Jim Camp calls “The Columbo Effect”….
Simply put – it’s not being afraid of being less than perfect.
If you’re old enough to remember – Columbo was an unkempt detective who’d go around in his rain jacket detecting crime and interviewing suspects.
His less-than-smart appearance put people off their guard and people would say things they wouldn’t say around a smooth, smart-looking, well-dressed detective.
Think about it – when you’re at one of your company events and the pretty people are in the front rows or on the stage – do you feel comfortable approaching them?
I’m not talking about being needy, whiny, frumpy, overly talkative, or clingy. Keep your self-confidence AND your self-respect. But – I am talking about being approachable – and being YOU.
We can chase perfection and improve on ourselves and become excellent at what we do but remember to keep the “Columbo Effect” in our back pocket for when we need it – as a powerful negotiating and sales tool.
Your job – after-all – is to listen, consult, and see if what you have can help the people you talk to.
If you’re that unassuming, frumpy old guy, that listens, people will tell you what they need and even say things they don’t mean to say about themselves.
How do you do this? Especially after you’ve had some practice talking to your clients and are pretty polished at the whole process?
Insert some – Ummmms, look at your notes, allow for some uncomfortable silence…. barriers will come down…. if your prospect feels like they have the upper hand, they will open up.
Of course – these tactics only help if you”re talking to the right people in the first place. If you’re wondering who you should be looking for – figure out who your perfect prospect is with something called “Market Research” or defining your Avatar.
2 versions of this can be found:
1. On page 84 of “The Attraction Marketing Formula”: 2. In the bonus Ignition training that comes with “The Attraction Marketing Formula”.
~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning”

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Don’t Set Goals This Year

Tired of emails about Goal Setting?


Yeah.  Totally.

It’s a waste of time to set goals.

Even though – we still practiced our family ritual of writing down different things we wanted.  (Don’t ask me – I don’t know why it’s a “tradition” we simply can’t seem to get rid of – BUT – it does get us talking as a family about what we want out of the next year)

ANYWAY Set rituals, habits, and action instead.

One of the recent DDOA’s was re-engineering the whole SMART goal process.

And Tony Robbins talks about changing who you THINK you are. Here’s what you’re going to do to make the changes you wish to make.  (or – I should say – the changes you’re WILLING to make)…Better yet – instead of change – focus on progress, growing, and learning.

Happiness doesn’t come from change – nor does it come from the things we get – it only comes from growth and learning….  because then you have something – a mission – you’re working towards.

Step 1: Ask your self these questions and write down your answers:

What do you want? Or better worded  – What do you want to improve?

This thing you want to improve – What is it like now?  (be truthful)


What rituals (daily actions and habits) have put you there?

What is your VISION?  (not your wish or your “shoulds” – your vision of WHO you want to BE and WHO you ARE)

Who do you have to be in order to have this thing?

Step 2: When you’ve written down who you must be and what this better version of you will DO, review it every day.

Literally – write it down every morning with even more detail because your vision of WHO you are?  Has to be WAY stronger than any difficulties or challenges that come up.

Because they WILL come up. If your new you is fit and strong with healthy eating habits – you WILL have stressful days when the comfort foods call to you.

You WILL have days where you’re on the run with no time to make a fresh salad with lean proteins.

But if WHO you define yourself as doesn’t grab a candy bar or a whopper at BK – you won’t.  Because you’re vision has been in the front of your mind – every single morning.

Step 4: Raise your standards.

Make this vision of yourself something that makes you nervous and excited.

Don’t settle for something you THINK you can do or you want to TRY to do…. be something more.

Every major change you’ve created has come out of some standard of yourself that you’ve raised.

If you stopped smoking – you no longer identified yourself as a smoker.

If you stopped biting your nails – you no longer thought of yourself as someone that bites your nails.

Something happened – a situation – that changed the way you view yourself…. that raised your standards of yourself.

Step 5: Break up this major – giant thing into small rituals and habits.

Actions you take daily.  Tiny bite size pieces.

Need more on this?

A long time ago (seems like forever – but really only a couple of years) – I created a 5-Day series to help with this process.

It might help you too:


“Never Stop Learning”

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The Annoying Followup

In the beginning of my network marketing “career”… whateveryouwanttocallit…. I kept a spreadsheet of people I “talked” to.

Actually – they were people I messaged on Flakebook, Twitter, and now on LinkedIn too.

(except I ditched the spreadsheet)

That spreadsheet was so that I would remember to do the ALL IMPORTANT followup.

Because the “monee is in the followup”.
Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you should never follow-up – I’m just saying – don’t look desperate.

Many a goo-roo will say, “follow up until they buy” – when you ask, “how many times should I follow-up?

No – you bounce on to the next prospect – because if you have to chase people down, those aren’t the people you want in your down line anyway.

If you setup an appointment – and they don’t show – they’re sh** out of luck.

That’s my new attitude – because I’m on a mission. If they’re not “ready” for this mission – then I’ll find someone who is.
Before you get all fired up – think about it….

*people who don’t show up for interviews or show up late – don’t get the job.

*being chased down by a bear makes a person run the other way. (maybe it’s more of an annoying mosquito? It gets swatted and smushed)

*desperate people make you cringe…. and run the other way too….

Have you ever followed up and followed up and followed up and never had that person sign up anyway?

That is time better spent finding the right people.

There are people out there – who truly need what you have to offer.

People that won’t be full of excuses – won’t object – and even are searching and looking for you.

What if you were THERE when they were searching and looking?

The way you do that?

Is with a system. All in here:

Don’t look desperate (even if you are) – learn the system.


“Never Stop Learning”

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No Excuses

Congenital Amputee

What is that? Ever heard of it? (truth – I had to Google it so I wouldn’t be screwing it up)

It’s being born without limbs – or born without parts of limbs. It’s caused by blood clots in the fetus.

Kyle Maynard is one such person.

But – he’s a hero.

He became a champion athlete, inspirational speaker, college student, and male model.

You can read his story in this book:

Once you see what he has achieved – without arms and legs – you’ll wonder WHAT is stopping you?

That’s all I have today…. because truly…. there ARE no excuses.

If you want something bad enough – you’ll do it.


“Never Stop Learning”
PS – Whether it’s a business goal or a fitness goal – schedule a chat with me and let’s see if I have anything that can help you. Just reply.

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The Duke Can Change Your Life

Want to make 2018 the best year ever?

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyways.”

“I’d like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living.”

2 things about The Duke (no – not Ellington – I love Jazz – but) – John Wayne.

1. He is not needy.

2. He has a code – and a belief.

No matter what – he sticks to his “code” of ethics and he BELIEVES in his ability.

Being needy is the biggest turn off.

In “El Dorado”, the character played by Robert Mitchum is absolutely pitiful.

He’s so addicted to his alcohol, he can’t load his own gun – and the bad guys laugh at him….

But – there stands “The Duke” looking all in control – despite having a bullet lodged in his back the whole time….

And – get this – he has a BELIEF in his friend J.P. (played by Robert Mitchum) that kind of lifts J.P. up – makes him look not quite as needy as he really is.

Think about it ladies – are you ever attracted to the needy guy?

The more “clingy” he is – the more weak he appears and the less attractive he seems.

Women who are too clingy and needy – I would imagine (I’m not a guy – so I have to imagine) – aren’t as attractive either. Well – at least not to my man. He likes strong women.

Strong people – you can rely on. Depend on. Feel confident in doing business with.

Even when you’re desperate for monee – you canNOT appear needy.

And – you have to BELIEVE in yourself and your ability – the same way the Duke places all that faith in J.P.’s ability.

Believe in your products – because you USE them after-all.

Believe in yourself. Don’t be needy – be confident. (even when you’re afraid – get in the saddle anyway)

And – that will change your life.

Now – there is a saying – that if you can dream it, you can create it…. or something like that.

But – you still need the tools to get there.

Learn how LinkedIn can get you leads and people to talk to – and people in your list – every day.

For free.

Save some mulah and get it at half price – now – before it expires:


“Never Stop Learning”

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