In a Tight Spot

In “Oh Brother Where Art Though?”, there’s a scene where the guys are trapped in a barn…. surrounded by the police who are after them.
The main character runs around looking through the slats saying several times, “Damn, we’re in a tight spot.”
And – they are.
They’re surrounded. They have no weapons. They’re trapped.
Can’t remember how they escaped – but escape they did.
The point is – in our case – is this… if you’re in a tight spot – you’ll DO what needs to be done.
Too often, we’re stuck in a rut of inactivity… until that deadline looms OR we’re in a tight spot. The fear, anxiety, shame, whatever…. all hit you at once and boom… you’re DOING something about it.
Yes – could have done that a long time ago – but, did you?
Point is – use those emotions – use the fear to move forward instead of freezing you in one place. Don’t let the fear, anxiety, depression consume you or bring you to a halt.
Everyone gets in these tight spots.
Something will always come up.
Use it.
Moving forward requires skills. Learn the skills, teach your team and others, and start building your dream….. while getting paid. Check out this video where you’ll learn how to BEAT the major problem that’s standing in the way of your success:
Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Yell At Your Kids

Another parenting mogul advises that yelling at your kids does the following:
*Makes them feel unloved.
*Makes them feel stupid
*Shuts them down
*Scares them
And – they don’t MEAN to make you upset….
Just to be the the devil’s advocate for a moment….
*Why would I yell at them if I didn’t love them? Why would I even care? That’s how I justify it anyway…. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t yell. But – it’s true – If I see my kid drooping his shoulders as I yell … I might want to stop and listen to myself. AND – my daughter once said – about a coach that yells a lot – “He’s just trying to teach me something – I have to try and take out of it what I can and let the rest roll….”
*When you’re yelling about something you KNOW about and they don’t – it could make them feel stupid – but then again, if they’re straight A students – what more proof do they need? Are we raising a bunch of pansies?
*Shuts them down. Depends on their personality. My daughter fires right up and yells back. My eldest – yes – shut right down and never talked to you again (until the hurt wore off)
*It’s scary…. don’t have an argument for that. It is. If my hubby and I are yelling at each other – it can get pretty scary…. until we take a step back and realize we’re acting like a**es….. and… maybe a little scare is a good thing?
Or not.
Sometimes – yelling is not necessarily a bad thing. Kind of like crying. Guys will say that you “shouldn’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about…” when you really need to cry.
If you need to yell? Yell. But – just keep in mind the personalities involved and WHAT is coming out of your mouth.
I’m no expert – and I know some parents who yell WAY too much – to the detriment of their kids who I truly feel sorry for – but there are parents who are just the opposite using WAY too calm a voice in EVERY situation. (which is aNNOYing)
Should you yell in your videos? On FB or YT? THERE’s a thought.
Could be exactly what you’ll learn in this “Simple Video Script Formula”: formula.php?aff_alias=gkrouth
I’ll tell you one thing – I once had a mentor that DID yell every once in a while in his webinars… and it really brought out the kid in me that felt like.. I should be doing what he says…..
Might be just the ticket to get your prospects DOING instead of constantly reading, listening, nodding their heads…
Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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There’s a different kind of bully out there.
One that manipulates our daughters in a whole different way…. than your standard – “do as I say or else” – bully.
This one – whines and complains. Throws all kinds of accusations at the people around because NOTHING is her own fault.
She gets doted on. People do things for her – because she makes them feel sorry for her.
I’ve always been – oh – I don’t know…..
Meaning – I do the opposite when I feel like someone’s trying to manipulate me or make me feel bad.
Every once in a while – someone slips through the defenses and gets in though…. oh that poor girl…..
There is hope for these bullies – they can learn to design their own life instead of trying to live through others. Take responsibility for themselves.
Take charge.
That’s one of the keys to a happy life….. I DO feel sorry for this pathetic girl. She’s not learning to BE herself. I truly pray she learns.
She can do some things – and WE can do these same things to help define our OWN happy lives.
SO FEW people actually decide to design their lives the way they want.
REVEAL who you are.
Don’t be afraid…. and STOP apologizing to anyone for who you are….
Here are some exercises I got from a book I recently read – I might not have them exact – but they’ll give you the idea. I’m sure the book is on my list somewhere. Link later…
*Accept FULL responsibility for WHO you ARE and who you want to become. Stop complaining and explaining.
*Look into the past and select an incident that made you unhappy – and still makes you unhappy today. Instead of justifying your negative feelings, look for how you’re partially responsible for what happened.
*Select a relationship in your past that made you unhappy. give 3 reasons why YOU were responsible for what occurred.
*Select one person in your past with whom you are still angry and resolve to forgive that person.
*Accept responsibility for your financial situation and refuse to blame any problems on anyone else.
*Accept responsibility for your family situation. Take immediate steps to improve your relationships.
*Accept responsibility for your health. Do whatever is necessary to attain excellent health.
You notice – there’s a LOT of “responsibility” in these statements. Because, ultimately, YOU are the one responsible for your life.
On that last note – your health – would you like to do a week of good eating with me? Recipes and all….. just reply.
For the financial part – ask yourself what have you done TODAY to move yourself forward? One step closer? Is it an revenue-generating activity? Or is it just busy work? If you don’t know where to start – to find the right leads for you home biz – I suggest you watch this free webinar:

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Are You A Hero?

Because you read my daily rants – you ARE! In my eyes.
But – there are traits that make you even more a super hero.
My latest study in American heroes brings me to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Two frontiersmen – both famous legends.
They have qualities that we cherish – and that you have. These qualities will help you in your biz if you use them.
You are boldly and bravely delving into this home-biz world and learning new things. Daniel and Davy were both brave hunters. Davy, in particular was famous for his bear-hunting skills. Not only that – but both were brave warriors when our country needed them. At the Alamo – Davy and his men… all 100 of them – fought 1500 Mexicans from there. The 100 men were actually ordered to get out of there – but they chose to stay and fight.
You – choose to stay and fight too. You haven’t given up. Nor will you ever give up.
This trait goes hand in hand with honesty. Davy spoke from his tree stump and won elections. Even against foes that were backed by the mighty Andrew Jackson. He didn’t win them all because Jackson had a very strong political force and monee – which Davy did not have…. but just the fact – that Davy would stand by his word, tell the truth, and vote from his heart…
Even way back then, politics was a rank and stinky sewer. Good luck draining that Mr. Trump.
You – are an honest and honorable person – and that’s what will ultimately win your very loyal customers. You don’t put on a face that’s fake – you are true to who you are.
In the face of any army, bear, or angry Indian – Daniel and Davy were tough to beat. Making them veterans. You don’t get to be a veteran without living through the battles 😉
You are a tough cookie – hard to beat. You will survive. If not for YOUR sake, but for your children’s. As you win small battles, you’ll become smarter and tougher. Pretty soon – the hurtful words of the haters will bounce off your back when you realize those aren’t your valuable followers….
HOW do you use these traits?
Be real.
That’s how.
Think about your prospects. What are they worried about? When they log into their social media – what are they looking for?
Are they looking to BUY something?
I think not.
The only time they are looking to buy something – is when they go directly to Amazon or Google to look up the specific item they’re shopping for. Would that be your product?
Again – probably not.
But – what if they found you when they were searching for something?
What if YOU – speaking from YOUR tree stump – said something that they needed to hear?
You could do like Davy did – buy your fans a drink to leave your opponent without an audience… or….
You could read the exact plan….
I quote..From Chapter 2 of your Marketing Blueprint….. 92% of people are looking for information – not looking to BUY.
Read that book – find out how you can be where they’re looking – and how you can be exactly what they’re looking for.
Get your copy here:
Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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How to Teach Kids To Swear

Browsing through my emails as quickly as possible – I come across this headline…. “10 Steps to Keep Your Kids from Cursing”…. and I thought – well – why?

Because I’m SURE step ONE is probably, “be a good example”. And –

I’m not.

I swear.

Oh the shock of it all.

Like they won’t hear it at school, on the street, on the radio, on the TV, and let’s not forget social media.

I curse.

There’s a certain marketing technique that went kind of wild a while back that purposely used cuss words in the copy to shock and get attention.

It worked.


It got overused by all the copy-cat marketers out there.

Copying is OK for a while (as long as you’re not infringing on copyright laws), but eventually you have to create your own voice. Because – that’s what attraction marketing is all about.

Attracting the people – the buyers – that only YOU can attract.

Step 3 of the magic slot machine formula that uses your unique proposal to actually fund your advertising can be found on page 59.

If you didn’t get your copy yet…

Get it at 20 dollahs off for a limited time here:

As far as kids swearing? If you really, truly want to curb the cussing in your house – you have to start with you…. as do I.

It really isn’t a good example I know. And – it certainly doesn’t make people sound intelligent AND if your a bible thumper – I think there’s a verse that mentions the fire of tongues…..

On the other hand? George Patton swore and he’s a hero.

So there you have it – you see how wishy washy I am as I look at things from so many different angles.

Take it or leave it – but DO read your marketing blueprint and get that unique selling mechanism going that only YOU can provide out there to the people that need it.

And – in honor of Georgey Patton (his wife called him Georgey) – a quote:

*If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.*

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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The Saturation Myth

Do you know anyone (in the US) that doesn’t have a refrigerator?
Probably not – does that stop refrigerator manufacturers from selling them? I think not.
So – here lies the myth – that this industry is “saturated”.
If you’re in the health and wellness niche – it may FEEL like everyone and anyone is after your prospects. YES – it IS a super competitive niche – but here’s the thing…
No matter what niche you’re in – you have an asset that NO ONE else has. You.
There is no one in the world like you.
From Chapter 3 in your marketing “bible”: “Your real business is your brand, your face, yoiur vitality, your confidence, your enthusiasm, and your solution.” It’s not your products or your company’s assets. It’s you! Because of this fact – it’s vitally important that you invest in and care for YOU. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually… the whole ball of wax.
Read Chapter 3: “How to Brand Your Business and Get Thousands of People to Trust Your Every Word”
If you didn’t get your copy yet… Get it at 20 dollahs off for a limited time here:
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NEVER Mention This

If you mention this – anywhere – you’re sunk.

Here’s why.

Picture this….

You go about your normal networking activities…

you talk to anyone within arms reach about your home business OPP and you’re totally pumped up because you went through all your mental preparations.

Or – if you’re a computer dweeb like my own inner geek –

you’re chatting with person after person… making “friends”….

And – you drop the name of your OPP.

Now – your prospect – has ammo.

They do this:

*Gloogle “research on your OPP….

*Find scam reports and say – um yeah – no – don’t want to be a part of your “pyramid” even though they don’t really know the definition of a true scam….

*They find out a friend is in that same OPP and sign up under them because – well – because they ARE friends. Doesn’t matter how much time you put into befriending them.

*or – maybe they run across a well-written blog post and decide to join something else entirely.

What if YOU were that blog post?

hmmm…. think about them apples.

Guess what? AGAIN – in Chapter 2 of your marketing handy-book – you’ll learn this very lesson in more detail…

Get it at 20 dollahs off for a limited time here:

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Jobs Will Become No More

Forbes writes… in 2016… that according to an Oxford U study – nearly half of US jobs are at risk of computerization. 45% of America’s occupations will be automated away….

Do you think your job is at risk?

Not as a Mom 🙂 Moms are a necessary, wonderful, beautiful thing….

But – that’s not my point here…

The other thing that the article goes on to explain – is that the US manufactures more than at any time in history since like 1930.

Yes – a LOT of jobs have moved over seas or in favor of automation – but what does this mean?

Oh – I go back to your super power… your brain..

What that means is that humans are required to take on more meaningful roles than ever before.

And – it means you have to learn to use your super power. The one thing you have over every machine ever made….

Even if our economy ever became ALL robots … someone has to buy something.
And – someone has to know how to sell something.

So why wait to invest on your marketing education?

Ferny talks about this very subject – technology creating an obsolete workforce –

in Chapter 2 of your marketing Bible …

(which is only the beginning of your illustrious education).

Get it at 20 dollahs off for a limited time here:

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Secret Mom Super Power

We all have super secret super powers.

You have one….


You probably are not using. (why do I say this?…. because….. only like 3% of the population uses it…)

A lot of people think they’re only goal at age 21 or so is to get that piece of paper from their College education. Then… get a job.

Then – stay in that job for like 30 years – saving for retirement.

I’m guilty of this – not realizing I have a super power.

Does this sound familiar? How do you define yourself?

Write down a few things right now… starting with “I am….”

as an example….. I am…

*Super Mom

*Beautiful Wife and companion

*Really good at doing what I’m told at my job

*Side Hustle Marketer

*Outdoor Enthusiast ……… and on and on….

I have a LOT of interests.. BUT – do any of those things hint at my super power? Or yours?

Do you see a super power in there?

Besides “super Mom”…. haha! I jest. I’m not so conceited to think that highly of myself. Being a Mom is an ever-evolving thing…..

Which…. Hints at the super power you have…. and I have….

Did you see a super power in YOUR list?

In reading about General Patton – one little tiny piece of information stuck – the book he kept at his bedside. An enemy’s book. (if you’re a history buff and I’m not ENTIRELY accurate – I don’t care – fact is, he DID read that book.. )

Even though the guy was his nemesis in WWII, General Patton admired this man and studied his war tactics. The book was “Infantry Attacks” by Marshall Rommel.
During time of war – it wasn’t a fictional novel to distract his mind from all the soldiers he deeply cared for – it was learning.

Side – car – I like to be distracted by fiction… don’t judge me.

ANYWAY – the lesson here is – not only is knowledge POWER – but it’s a way to keep moving up the ranks. (again – Patton didn’t move up…. people moved past him because of his abrasive personality…. but he’s still the hero of the story…. and definitely the smarter war time tactician)

While knowledge IS a super power …. there are 2 more steps to USE your super power: Your brain.

1. Gain the knowledge.

2. Make a plan of action.

3. Invest in lifelong learning.

The introduction…. Chapter 1 … of your bible to marketing your home biz online….. goes into more detail on using YOUR super power to maximize your profits.

For a limited time – you can get it for twenty dollahs less:

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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My Isolated Opinion – Sports Mom

My opinuon…

Doesn’t matter.

I grin – with the grinchiest of grins.

I don’t participate in crazy debates over politics, history, sports, nada. People get too emotional over such topics and don’t even MAKE SENSE.

Sometimes, though, stirring the pot for my own entertainment… is fun. Another grinchy grin.

Sports for parents – is a huge pot of crazy emotional crap. And – it’s pretty easy to get sucked in.

It should and appears – it should – be simple. Your parenting job is 2 fold: cheerleader and spectator.

The ONLY time a parent should interfere is if the childe is under 16 and his or her mental, physical, or spiritual well being is at stake. But – many parents – take that WAY too far.

Let them play.

The kids.

That’s it.

Recently – getting sucked into conversation about a coach – HOW did I get sucked in? I didn’t – not all the way – when the conversation turned, I said, “I didn’t play basketball. Not in high school. Not in college. Did you?”


Whatevs. Here’s the funny part of the story….

I got home and told my son about it – and he said…. 2 words Mom, “Isolationism and Neutrality.”

Me – being the not-so-smart history buff – had to ask him what he meant. He said – Google that plus George Washington.
That point of view didn’t work for ALL of history – but it did for the time it was appropriate.

As far as sports parenting? Yeah – I’ll sit by myself next time. I hope they don’t follow me.

Next book on my list if you want to add it to yours is “Let Them Play”.

Here it is:

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

PS – I apologize for my lack of presence in your inbox. Sports kind of took over my life for a week there…. Yikes. Still here though…. reply if you got value.

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