The PG13 Movie and The Rated M Video Game

I’ve always been mindful of what my kids watch. But – thankfully – I have a hubby that balances the power a bit and points out if I’m being too “controlling”.

Never look at things as black and white.

The movie industry – uses ratings to protect themselves from complainers and law suits. So – you really and for truly have to use your own judgement.

Now – I still don’t like the idea of my kids playing that game where they shoot cops, pick up whores, and win by doing those kinds of things – BUT – PG13 movies and some of the rated M games even have educational, ethical, political, and humane lessons to teach.

Even the bad movies – can be a source of good conversation and lessons with kids.

Only you can judge what your own children can handle. It’s a matter of knowing whether they can separate fantasy from reality, fact from fiction, good from bad, immoral from moral behavior…. etc.

I wrote a blog post about knowing how to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk – ask for the link and I’ll go find it…. BUT – the biggest take away from every parenting and home-biz book is this: LISTEN. Shut the mouth and listen.

The point about the movies is this – visualizing or actually experiencing something teaches better than any lecture.

For example – when my daughter and I watched “Mean Girl” together – we got to talk about how much of it exists in her own life – in her own “girl world.” We got to talk about what kind of girl SHE wants to be… and – of course – I’d read the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes”, so I had even more fodder for conversation. (you can find that book here: Click here )

visualizing and your home-biz is 5 fold and the whole cinematic experience uses these 5 tips…

We talked about engagement yesterday – about getting people to buy into what you’re saying and teaching… and here are 5 more tips about that very topic:

*KISS – keep it super simple. You don’t need overly complicated funnels to overwhelm you. All you need is an opt-in, a sales letter (or video), daily emails to those opt-ins. Pick just one simple product to sell to your list….. to start with. You can overly complicate things after that if you feel like it.

*Do the math. Once you figure out how to get people to opt-in to your list and buy stuff, do the math. Figure out how much a lead costs, how much it costs to turn them into buyers, how much it costs to sell that one product.

*Create Vision. People don’t buy based on logic – they buy based on emotion. Remember me saying – “tell stories” yesterday? Those stories create vision…. which in turn stirs emotion. Those stories will inspire action. Just like those movies will inspire your kids and teach them lessons you couldn’t possibly teach in real life. (disclaimer- I’m not saying you or your kids should watch hours of TV and movies everyday – FAR from it – I’m just saying it can be a tool!)

*Demonstrate. Use tactical information and demonstration. Show your customers what that product can do for them. (want to see my before and after pics from my most recent fitness program? ask me…. )

*Up-sell. Don’t stop selling at that entry level product. I make this mistake all the time! Up-sell them to the next level – the next thing. That’s one thing I can say I definitely learned from complicated funnels….. there’s ALWAYS an up-sell. After someone opt’s in – there’s always a “hey – want this even BETTER course? You’ll get even MORE bonuses if you buy this too!” Or – after buying the cookbook – “You’ll get even better results, like mine here, if you use the recipes in this challenge – and add this exercise program you can do right in your living room…”

If you combine these things – the logic (the math and the facts and the science), the emotion (from visualizing the stories, the pain, the joy….), and the action (what it FEELS like to get those results), you have one heck-of-a sales pitch that’s hard to ignore…..

And engagement? Well – let me know what happens with your next post, video, email….

If none of this makes sense and you don’t know how to get people on your list – or you don’t know what a “lead magnet” is… this course will teach you that simple funnel I talk about plus provide you with templates you can use right now…. Get it here:  Click here

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Name This Movie

“Frankly my dear….. I don’t give a damn.”
Is that engaging enough for your followers? Probably. You’ll get comments. Especially from any classic movie fans.

Will it get you any sales? Probably not.

But – definitely engagement.

Is engagement the whole name of the game? Or – are you trying to run your biz.??

Truth is – there’s a combination of on-line “strategy” that needs to come together in order to make the sales. There’s a problem we face…. and it’s not an easy one to overcome. I see it in myself and many other FB live videos that I strategically ignore.

Are the people that comment on the “Name this movie” post – really the people you want? Are they the buyers on your list? Depends I guess…..

The problem is 2 fold:

*No personality.

*No point.

In my learning session today – yes I try and learn something every day! I am @learnwithginny after-all……

I got 4 tips you and I can use to make our online personality more interesting…. and make more sales:

Pencil in hand? (or copy and paste ready – click print):

1. Be interesting.

2. Tell stories.

3. Have a point.

4. Use infotainnment.

*Be interesting. The problem a lot of Moms have – is we kind of “lose” our personality while we are continually doing things for the people we care about. That’s why it’s soooo so important for us to make time for ourselves. Our hubbies and significant friends became friends because of our personalities – don’t lose who you are. People are attracted to that personality. Or – maybe even repulsed. That’s awesome! You want to repulse the people you don’t want to do buziness with.

*Tell stories. We humans are hard-wired to listen to stories. It’s the best way to convey what we want to talk about…. see infotainment below….

*Have a point. Too many people go on and on and on on their FB lives telling their audience nothing. It’s why I scroll through – thinking blah blah blah….. rolling my eyes. (and why I quit doing them myself – you are the only person I want to talk to). Make your point.

*Infotainment. Most people go 1 or 2 ways: Information or entertainment. They give away all the information or the simply entertain with no point to their stories.

You can use these tips in your ads, posts, emails, and vids.

And – if you still need a script to help you out while you develop your on-line personality.

Check out this step by step social media guide here: Click here

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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You’re Invited! YAY!

Aren’t you THRILLED? Invited to WHAT?
How about this. I create a private group. Add you to it without ever saying a word to you and start posting all the shiz I have for sale. Plus I’ll go live everyday so I show up in your live notifications and annoy you with all my hap-hap-happy products that I’m so abso-in-love-with. You’ll just LOVE it right?
This happens. You know it does. Every day. Plus – I bet you’ve done this. Don’t worry – I’ve done a lot of crap over the years in the name of what everyone says you “should” be doing…. when they don’t really know squat about marketing their products on the inter-webs.
This – adding anyone I “think” might be interested to my private groups – in the name of having an “online” party of sorts – well, it’s kind of like grabbing me on my way to the car in the parking lot, throwing me in the trunk, and forcing me to go somewhere I don’t want to go.
It’s also – the same thing as bombarding and accosting your friends and family with your opportunity every time you see them.
Now – if you’re like me – and you hear me ranting about this – and you’re thinking, “well, I don’t know what else to do [sad face]”….
There is hope.
It’s learning the skillz to find people out there – there are literally MILLIONS of people out there – that are already looking for you. They just don’t know it yet. And you – have to show up at the right place and the right time.
Now – I’m not saying that legit sales tactics – person to person – don’t work. I’m simply saying that if you ARE using online tactics. There’s a better way.
And – my friend Julie – has created a step-by-step course just for that.
She’ll tell you what to do – what not to do – even what to post. Scripts and all.
Here’s where you can get all that and stop kidnapping people off the inter-webs and throwing them in your trunk to bring to your party….
Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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What’s Not In Your Wallet?

Perusing my abso-favorite email copywriter’s daily emails, I come across this phrase. Catchy isn’t it? Of course images of Vikings come to mind and their grizzly faces on the telly saying, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” come to mind – but whatevs.

What’s the point?

Here it is – the advice NOT headed by so – so many hard-working Moms is this:

Dedicate the very first hour of your day to YOU.

What does that mean? That means this – not to your kids, not to your hubby, not to your boss, not to anyone – but – you. You want something to be in your wallet right? And your passion is working on this home-bizzzz, right?

So – first thing – first hour – is for you to work on this passion. To dedicate the very first hour to you.

This is not easy when you’re worried about what’s not in your wallet. When the guilt weighs you down (because you let it – believe, me – I know)…. when you “should” be doing this – or doing that – why? They’ll ALL be better off if you dedicate the time to you first.

So will your wallet.

Instead of saying, “I can’t because…..”, say “I won’t because….” Because – that’s the truth. Own your actions.

Action is the only way to move forward.
If you don’t know what to do – to move forward? Start here: Click here

(PS – The Ultimate Email Profit Machine is where you’ll find training from my favorite copywriter)

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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No Experience, No Success, No Value?

Maybe you’ve been in this bizz or niche for 15 years and gotten nowhere. OR maybe you’re brand new and feel like you know nothing.

Even someone who’s brand, spanking, new, knows something someone else doesn’t know.

There are people – that have NO idea this world of network marketing, affiliate marketing, home biz in general even exists.

You ARE here – reading this email – so you know something someone else doesn’t. Therefore – you DO have something to share.

2 crucial elements on creating your brand:

1. Value

2. Consistency

Decide what you are – who you want to be – what you stand for – who you want to attract – and be that person. That’s all personal branding is…. really. It’s being consistent with who you are.

You get to write in your emails, on your blog, whatever-the-hellz-you want…. as long as you’re consistent with your brand. Your brand – is you. The cool thing? You – won’t go away anytime soon. Your company? Could.

I’ve met many people at events – who built their network marketing companies with massive down lines – only to have the company close its doors. What then?

THAT is just one of the reasons to build your own personal brand. Never – mentioning your company – because that could change. Or – if you’re an affiliate marketer – doesn’t matter – same diff.

Offer your readers something of value. Don’t know what they want to hear? Here are a couple of tips:

*What are the problems they face? (that you have a solution to) *What keeps them up at night? (stomach turning, worries circling in their heads) *What kinds of books do they read, movies do they watch? *What are their dreams? *What are their fears?

There’s more. Some of it? You’ll find within yourself. You know where your prospects are – because you’ve been there. Speak to them. Help them.
The value and experience you have – will help someone. It’s your duty to share.

But – you ask – “Where do I find these people?”

Excellent question…. in this free webinar – you’ll learn 3 questions that will tell you where to get the exact prospects you need for your biz… and increase sales: Click Here For a FREE Webinar

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning”


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The Strangest Secret

That’s the title of one of the classic motivational speaker and writer Earl Nightingale.

Never heard of him?

I highly suggest you give him a read or listen. He was one of the fathers of motivation – self-help – whatevs. And – he is truly inspirational.

What’s his strangest secret? You can find out here for like 3 dollars: click here

It’s actually a very old secret that philosophers over the centuries have already mentioned and discussed. Why it’s a secret? I do not know. It’s not really. It’s kind of – an obvious – secret.

There was a time when I thought the whole “personal development” thing was a bunch of hog-wash. But – turns out – when I turn my stubborn brain off – and listen… that it’s not.

I remember succinctly telling my up-line – “na – I want to read my murder mysteries – not boring stuff like that”…

You know how THAT goes right? You follow around all the people you want to be like – who are supposedly living the life you want – and find out that’s exactly what they’re doing – reading hog wash.


Because – this giant – obvious – secret – is this: We are what we think.

Things don’t happen TO us – we make things happen from within.

Wrap your brain around that.

In the meantime – check out my growing list of books I’ve read and books I intend to read. You’ll find Earl in there – as well as lots of other interesting possibilities. Find one to start with here: Click here

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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The Longest Home Run

First – I’m back! Did you miss my daily (almost daily) emails? I did a LOT of hiking, ate lots of seafood, went fishing, sat quiet evenings on the back porch listening to the ocean sounds, saw the MLB hall of fame, experienced Gettysburg, and ate chocolate at Hershey’s chocolate factory…

At the MLB Hall of Fame – there’s a ball – well, more than one, BUT – this one was the ball Babe Ruth hit his 714th home run on against the Braves in 1935. His last home run.

One of his home runs traveled more than 600 feet. Crazy. I watch my son trying to get the ball 250 feet… a challenge in itself. Of course, he’s no where NEAR the size of the Big Bambino.

Side note – the longest home run was hit by Micky Mantle in 1960. It was hit in the Tigers’ stadium and it was retroactively measured at 643 feet – where it landed in a lumber yard across the street.

To get really good at hitting that tiny ball coming at you at like 100mph sometimes… you have to practice. And practice a LOT.

They hit off a tee like 100 times a day. My son – goes down to the field to practice everyday too. There’s a certain way you have to swing the bat, angle the bat, place your feet, use your hips… blah blah blah. It is NOT easy. The pros make it look easy though – don’t they?

When you see the online guru”s making lots of mulah and you see their ads in your feed or search results – they make it look easy don’t they.

It’s not though. Like anything else it takes practice and learning. It’s why I keep writing these emails…. to get better at it.

To get better at writing copy.

It’s why I keep a folder full of ideas and swipes (without breaking any copyright laws)…

Swipe files are just ideas – that you can use. Like this one – just fill in the [blanks]: [Number] Simple Ways To [Get Desired Result] in [Short Time]

For example: “6 Simple Formulas To Write a Catchy Headline In 2 Minutes”

Want some instant headlines that work?

In Module 3 of this course – you’ll learn how to create compelling ads that fly under the radar and harness the power of social media to get more likes, shares, traffic…. and…. LEADS.

Buy it :Here (click here)

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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He Did What?!!

The unthinkable – that’s what he did.
In comic book land – you never, ever, ever, killed off a main character – popular character’s girlfriend.
You just never did it.
But – Stan Lee and crew did just that.
They killed off Spiderman’s main squeeze. But – personal tragedy was part of Spiderman’s base persona – so it kind of fit – but it also shocked his audience and followers.
Turns out – and I don’t know for a fact since I’m not a big comic book fan – that that particular volume became one of the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) issues.
How does this connect to your home-bizzzz or being a parent?
Well – sometimes “thinking outside the box” is exactly what you need to get going in this bizzz….
Your up line is telling you to talk to everyone within 3 feet about your home bizz OPP and your products.
Or – the popular internet “guru” of the moment is telling you to create massive funnels.
So – do something different – learn a skill like copy writing and learn to reach people that are ready to hear what you have to say and what you have to sell…
Get it here:
PS – I’m off on vacay! I don’t know what kind of internet access I’ll have. While I have 1 or two bits scheduled to keep in touch – you might not hear from me over the next week…. fear not, I’ll be back.
Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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You Act Like a Monkey

We make the SAME mistakes over and over and over again…. just like the monkeys.

Yes – I’m comparing you – my friend – to your distant relative…

Don’t know details – or the scientific explanations – BUT there was this study done on how monkeys would deal with an economic system. BASICALLY – where they’d get tokens to buy food from different sales people.

The monkeys started doing things that humans do – steal from each other, try to bargain for more than their tokens are worth, all kinds of similar things we humans do.

They also dealt with loss aversion the same way we do. We HATE losing anything.

It’s a hard-wired thing – this loss aversion – in our DNA.

The monkeys were presented with 2 scenarios and a choice.

In scenario 1 – they could pay a token for 2 pieces of food that were visible to them but half the time they’d only get 1 piece of food.

In scenario 2 – they could pay a token – again – for 2 pieces of food that were not visible. Again – half the time they’d only get 1 piece.

The monkeys vastly preferred scenario 2 – which was basically a 50/50 chance at a bonus instead of what appears to be a 50/50 chance at a loss. Even though – the outcome is the same.

The researchers used these results to help explain why a vast majority of people don’t save for retirement. They feel like they’re losing something.
That loss aversion thing….. just like the monkeys – we don’t like to feel the pain of losing anything. Even if, logically, we’re not losing anything.

So – this also could explain why we have such a hard time putting tokens into our ad campaigns.

We feel like we’re spending and losing without gain.

When you take the training and learn the magic slot machine process – you learn that you could put $5 in and get $10 back (or something like that)…

Read about it and learn how this works in Chapter 5 of your AMF – “The Magic Slot Machine” – How to Profit from your Prospects Even If They Never Buy Your Product or Join You

You can get your copy of AMF here: Click here

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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Hear That?

On a quiet lake, with the stars shining in the black night sky on a warm summer night…

You can hear the loons, whippoorwills, and something else….. besides buzzing mosquitoes..


How often do you really listen?

Do you ever sit – before the kids get up – before the day begins – and listen to the clock ticking on the wall, the breath moving in and out of your body,… and…. to the silence?

It’s meditation. It strengthens our minds – and gets those brain muscles tuned in so you can think clearly and get through your day.


It’s also one of the best tips I ever got from anyone about this home bizzzz stuff and Mom / parenting stuff.

Ask questions – but shut your mouth, stop thinking of what you’ll say next, and listen.

Listen to what your children and your customers are saying.

Listen to what they need, want, and desire.

Listen to their pain and frustration.
Give them a solution.

2 great places to find out what they’re saying online:

*Amazon reviews (for products they’re buying)

*Forums where they’re hanging out – and complaining about their struggles.

If you’re struggling to find the right people to listen to… Tim can help you define who they are and where to find them in this training: Click here

You’ll also find out 3 simple and powerful ways to write ads – or any marketing – to those very people.

Your friend, ~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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