In "Oh Brother Where Art Though?", there's a scene where the guys are trapped in a barn.... surrounded by the police who are after them. The main character runs around looking through the slats saying several times, "Damn, we're in a tight spot." And - they are. They're surrounded. They have no weapons. They're trapped. Can't remember how they escaped - but escape they did. The point is - in our case - is this...
Another parenting mogul advises that yelling at your kids does the following: *Makes them feel unloved. *Makes them feel stupid *Shuts them down *Scares them And - they don't MEAN to make you upset.... Just to be the the devil's advocate for a moment.... *Why would I yell at them if I didn't love them? Why would I even care? That's how I justify it anyway.... If I didn't care, I wouldn't yell. But -


There's a different kind of bully out there. One that manipulates our daughters in a whole different way.... than your standard - "do as I say or else" - bully. This one - whines and complains. Throws all kinds of accusations at the people around because NOTHING is her own fault. She gets doted on. People do things for her - because she makes them feel sorry for her. I've always been - oh -
Because you read my daily rants - you ARE! In my eyes. But - there are traits that make you even more a super hero. My latest study in American heroes brings me to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Two frontiersmen - both famous legends. They have qualities that we cherish - and that you have. These qualities will help you in your biz if you use them. *Bravery: You are boldly and bravely delving
Browsing through my emails as quickly as possible - I come across this headline.... "10 Steps to Keep Your Kids from Cursing".... and I thought - well - why? Because I'm SURE step ONE is probably, "be a good example". And - I'm not. I swear. Oh the shock of it all. Like they won't hear it at school, on the street, on the radio, on the TV, and let's not forget social media. I
Do you know anyone (in the US) that doesn't have a refrigerator? Probably not - does that stop refrigerator manufacturers from selling them? I think not. So - here lies the myth - that this industry is "saturated". If you're in the health and wellness niche - it may FEEL like everyone and anyone is after your prospects. YES - it IS a super competitive niche - but here's the thing... No matter what niche
If you mention this - anywhere - you're sunk. Here's why. Picture this.... You go about your normal networking activities... you talk to anyone within arms reach about your home business OPP and you're totally pumped up because you went through all your mental preparations. Or - if you're a computer dweeb like my own inner geek - you're chatting with person after person... making "friends".... And - you drop the name of your OPP.
Forbes writes... in 2016... that according to an Oxford U study - nearly half of US jobs are at risk of computerization. 45% of America's occupations will be automated away.... Do you think your job is at risk? Not as a Mom 🙂 Moms are a necessary, wonderful, beautiful thing.... But - that's not my point here... The other thing that the article goes on to explain - is that the US manufactures more than
We all have super secret super powers. You have one.... That... You probably are not using. (why do I say this?.... because..... only like 3% of the population uses it...) A lot of people think they're only goal at age 21 or so is to get that piece of paper from their College education. Then... get a job. Then - stay in that job for like 30 years - saving for retirement. I'm guilty of
My opinuon... Doesn't matter. I grin - with the grinchiest of grins. I don't participate in crazy debates over politics, history, sports, nada. People get too emotional over such topics and don't even MAKE SENSE. Sometimes, though, stirring the pot for my own entertainment... is fun. Another grinchy grin. Sports for parents - is a huge pot of crazy emotional crap. And - it's pretty easy to get sucked in. It should and appears -