Fear… Watch the video below where I’ll discuss these random tips to keep going despite the hurdles we put in front of ourselves. On fear… Take action in SPITE of fear and let the fear CAUSE you to take action.   Get Out Of Your Own Way Whatever is stopping you from taking action – habits, mindset, … DO something.  Anything. Focus Choose a path – and stay on it. Have a plan – andRead More
Not Your Typical List of Leadership Qualities… These are 7 qualities I got from Richard Branson’s book… so they aren’t exactly typical – but they’re definitely leadership qualities we can use and teach our kids to enjoy life a little more.   Watch the video at the bottom of this post for more plus – I go over some lessons you’ll get from my bootcamp if you so choose to take it…. on internet marketing.Read More
Blogging Mistakes That Cost Mom Blogs… Be sure to watch the video below for more on this list.  Plus some bonus tips I just learned yesterday. Something like 80% of Mom Blogs don’t make any money. Here are 10 things that might kill your blog… It’s All About Me Stories are GREAT.  Especially stories that inspire, motivate, or entertain.  As long as they draw your readers in.  But – if your blog is – allRead More
Earl Nightingale Thoughts on Happiness    Those who are happy are those who have their mind fixed on something other than their own happiness.  On the happiness of others. On the pursuit of the betterment of mankind….  not a means but as an end.. We are responsible happiness. You can’t unhappiness on anyone else by yourself. Watch the video below for more on happiness ….insight….. 3 crucial elements to being a human being.  .  1.Read More
Is Home Business For You?   I ask this question of a friend.  She’s been at a job for a very long time – 20 years actually.  Under new management, she worries about her job.  It’s a more stressful workplace than ever and she’s lost some of the freedoms she had under the previous management.  We’d do almost anything to get back something we’ve had and enjoyed.  So – is this home business for you? Several ThingsRead More
6 Success Tips From Earl Nightingale     Here are 6 success tips from my notes.   They’re from an audio volume…. “The Essence of Success” by Earl Nightingale. Watch the video below for more insight. Here’s the list of success tips … You’re either growing or dying Our rewards in life are in direct proportion to what we give. Successful people are in charge of their lives.   They’re in the driver’s seat. You cannot createRead More
Did You Do Your Best? I tell this story in the video below.   About an interview President Jimmy Carter had with Admiral Rickover….  the key question:   “Did you do your best?” I got it from “The Essence of Success” by Earl Nightingale. Do Your Best in everything you do. If you’re NOT doing your best – Why not? Why even bother doing something half-a**??  That’s my question. Are you doing all your can? IfRead More
The Boy, The Guru, And The Butterfly  I tell this story in the video below.   The Boy, The Guru, And The Butterfly…. Basicly…  it’s inspiration for you. You have to experience the struggles on your journey before you can fly.  Share this with your kids… Feel free to share….and comment. Ginny ~ Uber Busy Home Business Mom Sharing And Marketing ~ PS…  If you feel like you’ve lost you’re enthusiasm – take aRead More
3 Tips For Selling Your Ideas And to who? Watch the video below for more.  But here’s the three tips for selling your ideas: 1.  Use a fly rod not a feeding tube. 2. Let the other person argue your case for you. 3. Ask don’t tell. Cut the fat… Feel free to share….and comment.   Ginny ~ Uber Busy Home Business Mom Sharing And Marketing ~ PS…  If you feel like you’ve lostRead More
Free Leads – With Paid Ads Doesn’t make sense right? Before I even go into this – if anything sounds too complicated – take this free Course – where you’ll learn step-by-step how something like this works. Click here to sign up for that 10 day Course. This idea – has been around for a long time actually. And – if you’ve been in network marketing for any amount of time – you’ve probably heardRead More

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