I’ve always been mindful of what my kids watch. But – thankfully – I have a hubby that balances the power a bit and points out if I’m being too “controlling”. Never look at things as black and white. The movie industry – uses ratings to protect themselves from complainers and law suits. So – you really and for truly have to use your own judgement. Now – I still don’t like the idea ofRead More
“Frankly my dear….. I don’t give a damn.” Is that engaging enough for your followers? Probably. You’ll get comments. Especially from any classic movie fans. Will it get you any sales? Probably not. But – definitely engagement. Is engagement the whole name of the game? Or – are you trying to run your biz.?? Truth is – there’s a combination of on-line “strategy” that needs to come together in order to make the sales. There’sRead More
Aren’t you THRILLED? Invited to WHAT? How about this. I create a private group. Add you to it without ever saying a word to you and start posting all the shiz I have for sale. Plus I’ll go live everyday so I show up in your live notifications and annoy you with all my hap-hap-happy products that I’m so abso-in-love-with. You’ll just LOVE it right? This happens. You know it does. Every day. Plus –Read More
Perusing my abso-favorite email copywriter’s daily emails, I come across this phrase. Catchy isn’t it? Of course images of Vikings come to mind and their grizzly faces on the telly saying, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” come to mind – but whatevs. What’s the point? Here it is – the advice NOT headed by so – so many hard-working Moms is this: Dedicate the very first hour of your day to YOU. What does that mean?Read More
Maybe you’ve been in this bizz or niche for 15 years and gotten nowhere. OR maybe you’re brand new and feel like you know nothing. Even someone who’s brand, spanking, new, knows something someone else doesn’t know. There are people – that have NO idea this world of network marketing, affiliate marketing, home biz in general even exists. You ARE here – reading this email – so you know something someone else doesn’t. Therefore –Read More
That’s the title of one of the classic motivational speaker and writer Earl Nightingale. Never heard of him? I highly suggest you give him a read or listen. He was one of the fathers of motivation – self-help – whatevs. And – he is truly inspirational. What’s his strangest secret? You can find out here for like 3 dollars: click here It’s actually a very old secret that philosophers over the centuries have already mentionedRead More
First – I’m back! Did you miss my daily (almost daily) emails? I did a LOT of hiking, ate lots of seafood, went fishing, sat quiet evenings on the back porch listening to the ocean sounds, saw the MLB hall of fame, experienced Gettysburg, and ate chocolate at Hershey’s chocolate factory… At the MLB Hall of Fame – there’s a ball – well, more than one, BUT – this one was the ball Babe RuthRead More
The unthinkable – that’s what he did. In comic book land – you never, ever, ever, killed off a main character – popular character’s girlfriend. You just never did it. But – Stan Lee and crew did just that. They killed off Spiderman’s main squeeze. But – personal tragedy was part of Spiderman’s base persona – so it kind of fit – but it also shocked his audience and followers. Turns out – and IRead More
We make the SAME mistakes over and over and over again…. just like the monkeys. Yes – I’m comparing you – my friend – to your distant relative… Don’t know details – or the scientific explanations – BUT there was this study done on how monkeys would deal with an economic system. BASICALLY – where they’d get tokens to buy food from different sales people. The monkeys started doing things that humans do – stealRead More

Hear That?

On a quiet lake, with the stars shining in the black night sky on a warm summer night… You can hear the loons, whippoorwills, and something else….. besides buzzing mosquitoes.. Silence. How often do you really listen? Do you ever sit – before the kids get up – before the day begins – and listen to the clock ticking on the wall, the breath moving in and out of your body,… and…. to the silence?Read More