There’s a different kind of bully out there.

One that manipulates our daughters in a whole different way…. than your standard – “do as I say or else” – bully.

This one – whines and complains. Throws all kinds of accusations at the people around because NOTHING is her own fault.

She gets doted on. People do things for her – because she makes them feel sorry for her.

I’ve always been – oh – I don’t know…..


Meaning – I do the opposite when I feel like someone’s trying to manipulate me or make me feel bad.

Every once in a while – someone slips through the defenses and gets in though…. oh that poor girl…..

There is hope for these bullies – they can learn to design their own life instead of trying to live through others. Take responsibility for themselves.

Take charge.

That’s one of the keys to a happy life….. I DO feel sorry for this pathetic girl. She’s not learning to BE herself. I truly pray she learns.

She can do some things – and WE can do these same things to help define our OWN happy lives.

SO FEW people actually decide to design their lives the way they want.

REVEAL who you are.

Don’t be afraid…. and STOP apologizing to anyone for who you are….

Here are some exercises I got from a book I recently read – I might not have them exact – but they’ll give you the idea.

I’m sure the book is on my list somewhere. Link later…

*Accept FULL responsibility for WHO you ARE and who you want to become. Stop complaining and explaining.

*Look into the past and select an incident that made you unhappy – and still makes you unhappy today. Instead of justifying your negative feelings, look for how you’re partially responsible for what happened.

*Select a relationship in your past that made you unhappy. give 3 reasons why YOU were responsible for what occurred.

*Select one person in your past with whom you are still angry and resolve to forgive that person.

*Accept responsibility for your financial situation and refuse to blame any problems on anyone else.

*Accept responsibility for your family situation. Take immediate steps to improve your relationships.

*Accept responsibility for your health. Do whatever is necessary to attain excellent health.

You notice – there’s a LOT of “responsibility” in these statements. Because, ultimately, YOU are the one responsible for your life.

On that last note – your health – would you like to do a week of good eating with me? Recipes and all….. just reply.

For the financial part – ask yourself what have you done TODAY to move yourself forward? One step closer? Is it an revenue-generating activity? Or is it just busy work?

If you don’t know where to start – to find the right leads for you home biz – I suggest you watch this free webinar:


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