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*”We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.” ~Earl Nightingale*
Every morning – I gleefully open emails from my favorite marketing and copy-writing giants. Just can’t get enough of the drizzle of know-how and the way they push buttons…. hoping for unsubscribes.
Love it.
Anyway – this morning a tiny bit of numbers from some big ta-do in Amsterdam that one of them attended.
The exhibit he referenced was 5 floors of “the Pursuit of Happiness”.
Check it out – the factors that affect happiness (totally quoting here from Dan Meredith):
50% = genetics
40% = thoughts / actions / behaviours
10% = rich / poor, healthy / unhealthy, married / not married
So – 50% you can’t control.
40% you CAN.
Only 10% is all the other stuff we doggedly pursue.
Why did this one email stick with me?
Because – just the other day – hauling the kids around – I had a conversation with my son spurred by our dentist trying to retire.
He’s like 70 years old and still working – because he loves seeing his patients everyday.
But – he recently tried to GIVE his practice away to a worthy soul. Put an ad in the University papers or whatever, seeking the right individual.
Reasons sited (don’t know where the information came from – but here it is anyway)….
*They didn’t want their OWN practice – they wanted to work for someone and not “worry” about all the other stuff involved with running a practice.
*They didn’t want to move up here where it’s cold and dreary half the year.
Reason 2 – I get.
Reason 1?
I get too…. because – when I was young and brain-washed by the University and the liberal machine they are – I too didn’t want to “worry” about being responsible.
I decided I wanted to just go to work, come home, and forget about it.
Worked for 20 years in my job because it’s the easy way….
Here’s the thing about those Happiness numbers.
We need action to be happy. Goals. Something to pursue. Continuous learning.
That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned in this industry – that learning, pursuing something, and using what I learn (ie ACTION) – makes my life happier.
Passing onto my son – I hope – the realization that having a goal, a project, and stimulation – using your brain – = happiness….
We want our children to be happy right?
MLMs give people an easy way to start and pursue their path. It opens their minds to possibility.
It’s our responsibility to get the word out – and not hold it hostage in our hearts.
What actions are you taking to pursue your lofty dreams?
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Or – maybe you want to use the internet to attract customers? Blueprint here:
Breaking all the rules by putting more than one link in here – but – you need to pick what’s best for you.
Go get ’em.
Love long. Be Happy.
“Never Stop Learning”

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