Consistency Catchh22

*Do. Or do not. There is no Try. ~Yoda*
Consistency builds energy, monee, health, muscle, a trimmed lawn…. Anything done consistently builds something.
Water consistently pounding on rock will wear it down (which builds a canyon)
Problem is – the struggle. It’s real.
How many people have already given up on their New Year Resolutions?
Maybe 1 or 2 of these will help:
1. Be real. Whatever it is – schedule it for like 3 days. Then work from there. Celebrate that small win – of doing whatever for 3 days – then do another 3 days. Baby steps instead of giant leaps.
2. Forget about “motivating” yourself. No one feels up to it or motivated every day. But – the successful ones – push through and do it anyway. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you do.
~My friend (acquaintance … whatever… met him at an event)… Mark has a special mission. He makes a LOT of monee. He picks boys who are in tough situations and pays their tuition to attend boys’ camps. He’s changed lives with all that monee. He keeps pictures on his phone of texts from boys who tell him how much the camps meant to them and how it changed their lives….. ~
Your “why” or your “vision” or your “mission” – it has to be larger than YOU. It can START with you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a BMW or whatever. But when you dream bigger, think bigger, everything changes. All of a sudden, you’re excited to get out of bed and start working on that mission.
3. Replace old habits with new ones. One at a time. Habits – these things you do everyday – are what you build on.
~Think about it. You eat a candy bar everyday? Yeah that’ll build something. Replace that with a bowl of greens or a super-healthy shake? That’ll build something else.
4. No one’s perfect. So what if your action isn’t perfect? You have to start somewhere. Don’t let perfectionism become another excuse.
~You get on a call – screw it up – end up being on the receiving end of a sales pitch instead of what you intended the conversation to be? Figure out how to do better next time. Keep going.
…… or – maybe it’s the wrong people you’re talking to… maybe you’re not talking to people that have the problems you and only you can solve? That’s called a target market – the people that YOU can help. Marketing 101. Link below….
5. Re-program your self image. If you define yourself as unsuccessful – so you shall be. Make a new morning ritual that includes writing who you are. (really who you want to be – but make it seem like it’s who you are NOW).
~I have a 5 steps to manifesting your goals series – you can ask if you want it.
The Catch22 part of this? Is whatever you build on. If you build on bad habits – so you will continue in the rut you’re in.
If you build on better habits – so you will build momentum and climb out.
When you figure all this out and want to find the people that already are looking for what you can help them with…. (it’s SO much easier to talk to people that are already looking for you…. #truth…)
You’ll figure it out in this training:
“Never Stop Learning”

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