Earl Nightingale on Happiness

Earl Nightingale Thoughts on Happiness   
Those who are happy are those who have their mind fixed on something other than their own happiness.  On the happiness of others. On the pursuit of the betterment of mankind….  not a means but as an end..

We are responsible happiness. You can’t unhappiness on anyone else by yourself.

Watch the video below for more on happiness ….insight…..

3 crucial elements to being a human being.  . 

1. Identity
2. Stimulation and change ~ opposite of boredom
3. Security ~  the opposite of

I talk more about this in the video below….

Philosopher William James quote. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will create the fact.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will create the fact.... Earl Nightingale on happiness

There’s a Proverb about the miserable are very talkative….   

…. Earl describes how a miserable person becomes miserable because they’re so engrossed with themselves that they totally ignore the world.

Then the world ignores him and his opinion because…. of course …the world doesn’t even know he exist.

Then his family and friends start to ignore him too because they’re tired of hearing about his misery.

That is the Closet the formula for being miserable.

Don’t fall into the identity trap…   

Its where you let others decide who you are.

Like settling for a lesser life because you’ve been told that’s all you can expect out of life.

Or growing your hair so out so you don’t look like you’re conforming.

Or cutting your hair because you want to fit in.

Any of those things. Not being true to you.  Not doing what and who you ARE deep in your soul….that’s falling into an identity trap.

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