How To Get Leads For Your Mom Home Biz For Free – With Paid Ads

Free Leads – With Paid Ads

Doesn’t make sense right?Free Leads - with Paid Ads-

Before I even go into this – if anything sounds too complicated – take this free Course – where you’ll learn step-by-step how something like this works.

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This idea – has been around for a long time actually.

And – if you’ve been in network marketing for any amount of time – you’ve probably heard the term….  “funded proposal”.

If not – that’s OK – when I first heard it – I was like – “What?”
No Chasing Family and Friends, No Cold Calling, No Meetings

That’s the attractive part – if you ask me.

But – isn’t the whole definition of network marketing – well – Networking?

Isn’t the whole point to recruit more people and sell more stuff?

It is – but – there’s a better way to do it.  And – here it is.

That “Funded proposal” again.
Most Network Marketers Spend Too Much Money

Face it – running a home biz – you have to have an advertising budget, you have to pay for websites and in most network marketing businesses you have to pay for the tools they provide.

Not to mention events, tickets to events, hotel rooms, etc…….

So how do you get these free leads?
The Secret Is… to Get Paid Whether Someone Joins Your Company Or Not

By, offering your prospect something that will solve their problems, something that the “No’s” can buy.

This something – is usually something that doesn’t cost a lot – but pays for you advertising.

That’s what EMP teaches.

And it’s what you learn in the 10 Day Course.

It could be a book, a kit, something that solves a problem for your prospect.

It’s usually an inexpensive info-product.

Like – the Attraction Marketing Formula.

That’s a great example of one.

We offer the 10-Day Bootcamp for free – those are people that say “yes” I want help with getting free leads.

Then – the Atrraction Marketing Formula pays for the advertising to get those leads.

Now – you have something to offer to the people who are already in a home biz…. or want to learn about internet marketing, how to run a home biz online…..But don’t want your products or your opportunity.

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Ginny ~ Uber Busy Home Business Mom Sharing And Marketing


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