Give It Now

Ever have one of those sales calls when you’re busy?
And you’re like – just email me the information….
Thinking – “I’ll just delete it later…..”
Or — how about in your home-biz….
They just say – send me the INFO now.
Then – you never hear back.
Kind of like arguing with your kids.
The minute you start arguing with them – you’ve lost control of the conversation.
You’ve been dragged into the abyss.
To avoid being dragged into the abyss…. maintain control of the conversation.
Well – when you’re chatting online – you START with a brief little chat. Giving them nothing really.
“Hey – I see you’re interested in _________. What time would you be available for a chat?”
That’s it.
They say – “Just give me the information….and I’ll get back to you….”?
Might not even be someone you want to talk to.
I just threw together a new guide – to give away as a thank you for being on my email list.
Download it here if you like: It contains 25 plus more… ideas for posting on social media to get people talkin’…. and some scripts to get the conversation moving.
I hope it helps with your mission….
“Never Stop Learning”

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