Is Home Business For You Mom?

Is Home Business For You?  

I ask this question of a friend.  She’s been at a job for a very long time – 20 years actually.  Under new management, she worries about her job.  It’s a more stressful workplace than ever and she’s lost some of the freedoms she had under the previous management.  We’d do almost anything to get back something we’ve had and enjoyed.  So – is this home business for you?
Several Things To Consider if Home Business For You

*No one will tell you what to do.


*Allocating time.

*Are you learning or doing?


Watch the video below for more on this….

Determination... Is Home business for you?

It Takes Commitment

Most people aren’t really willing to commit to something as scary as home business.  They feel secure in getting a paycheck.

You have to do the work – even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s a Habit

Creating a new habit – isn’t easy.  We all know that.

But those habits are what builds your business.

Is home business for you?  Depends on whether you have the commitment and discipline to create those habits.

It takes Discipline

You have to schedule yourself.  Write it down.  …. The things you need to get done.  And schedule the time.

If you don’t actually schedule the time – it won’t get done.

Don’t get too caught up in learning…

More in the video – but while learning skills is SUPER important – make sure you’re DOING something to move your business forward.

On the other hand – learn the skills

You do have to learn new skills – and a whole new mindset…. are you willing to be uncomfortable?

It’s not just business.

It’s everything.


What will happen if you commit to working towards something?

Create a Goal  

Where will you be in a year?

If you commit and decide that home business is worth a try for you.

Do something every. single. day to move toward that goal.

Then, make a new goal.

Tom Hopkins, a famous sales trainer, wrote these words on a piece of paper to keep in front of him:  “Am I doing the most productive thing possible at every given moment?”
Is Home Business For You?  
If you’ re a person who’s decided to commit themselves to:

*becoming a better person

*helping more people

*attaining freedom

Let’s chat.  Contact me.

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