How To Make Your Life Suck

10 things you can do….
1. Eat all the processed food you want and never eat a morsel of “REAL” Food (like stuff that is what it is without a long-a** list of ingredients).
2. Sit all day. At night? Sit some more with a bag of Doritos and your remote.
3. Wake up and play it by ear — don’t write a to-do list, don’t take any time for yourself.
4. Not only wake up – but do not exercise. Remember #3? No time for you.
5. Give up. Forget about it. You’ll never get there anyway – because no one does.
6. Don’t FOCUS on anything. Keep your phones on, all your notifications, and keep your email open at all times.
7. Like #6 – drift through your day. Just whatever happens happens…. and let things happen TO you instead of you doing anything proactive.
8. Scroll Facebook.
9. Scroll Twitter.
10. Watch TV. Do not engage with family members. Kid’s are crying, “Watch this Mom!?” You…… “shutap, I’m watching TV”
Do the opposite.
Up to you.
Having no time is just another excuse…. because all the above stuff? Takes time. Eats it.
Time – you’ll never get back.
Yesterday – I hinted around at the WWN archives? In those very same archives there is bonus training by Dr. Bob – the part-time expert – on how to use the pockets of time you have to be more productive.
You have to be a member to access them – and you have to know where to look – which I know how and will show you if you ask nicely.
Join here:
“Never Stop Learning”

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