How To Raise A Jelly Fish

*”I went to the UN and even the guidebook was spineless” ~ Dennis Miller (comedian people – don’t be so sensitive)*
My Mom – Preneurs – we are not in the business of raising jelly fish. We want leaders.
Just had a heated convo with my kids this morning.
They wanted their Mommy to do everything for them. My fault really – because I DO do a lot FOR them….. not to the extent below – but no one’s perfect….
So – here’s what you and I need to watch….
*Rescue them and solve every argument they have. They don’t need to learn problem solving and how to handle relationships – even when they don’t agree with someone. So – yeah – do it FOR them.
*Make decisions FOR them so they never have to make one themselves. Yup. Don’t need to know how to make their own decisions. Ice-fishing conflicts with baseball? I’ll pick FOR you….
*Talk OVER them and never teach any listening skills. Don’t need that either. Listening skills not a pre-requisite at ALL for leadership.
*I’m wrong? Hellz no – I’m not apologizing to them. Nope. My pride is MUCH more important than being an example to them.
*Planning something. Whether it be pretend, or organizing an airsoft war, or starting a club….. nope – don’t need to learn this skill either. When they work at McDonald’s flipping burgers, they only need to know how to follow directions. School takes care of that.
*Managing and delegating. Too complicated – YOU’RE the boss and they only need to know how to follow directions to be a Walmart greeter.
*She wants to quit basketball mid-season? Let her. There’s no loyalty or commitment after all. They don’t have to hold down a job or be responsible if they live in your basement when they’re 40.
*He says he wants play baseball professionally? Totally nix that one. No big dreaming allowed.
On the other hand – if we want to raise leaders and influencers…. or just plain successful human beings – better re-think all of the above.
Problem solving
Listening skills
Management and Delegation
Loyalty and Commitment
Dream Big – Have a Vision
Those are traits we really want to create with our little humans. Teach them.
Coach them.
One of thee biggest ones in this list – LISTENING – will help you create more sales, better relationships with customers AND family, and better ads.
When you’re on a prospecting call – who’s doing the most talking?
If you bought Social Media Recruiting Frenzy – or are a member who gets access to all the training – you get a guide of sorts – 6 questions you can use to control the conversation.
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“Never Stop Learning”

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