How to Teach Kids To Swear

Browsing through my emails as quickly as possible – I come across this headline…. “10 Steps to Keep Your Kids from Cursing”…. and I thought – well – why?

Because I’m SURE step ONE is probably, “be a good example”. And –

I’m not.

I swear.

Oh the shock of it all.

Like they won’t hear it at school, on the street, on the radio, on the TV, and let’s not forget social media.

I curse.

There’s a certain marketing technique that went kind of wild a while back that purposely used cuss words in the copy to shock and get attention.

It worked.


It got overused by all the copy-cat marketers out there.

Copying is OK for a while (as long as you’re not infringing on copyright laws), but eventually you have to create your own voice. Because – that’s what attraction marketing is all about.

Attracting the people – the buyers – that only YOU can attract.

Step 3 of the magic slot machine formula that uses your unique proposal to actually fund your advertising can be found on page 59.

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As far as kids swearing? If you really, truly want to curb the cussing in your house – you have to start with you…. as do I.

It really isn’t a good example I know. And – it certainly doesn’t make people sound intelligent AND if your a bible thumper – I think there’s a verse that mentions the fire of tongues…..

On the other hand? George Patton swore and he’s a hero.

So there you have it – you see how wishy washy I am as I look at things from so many different angles.

Take it or leave it – but DO read your marketing blueprint and get that unique selling mechanism going that only YOU can provide out there to the people that need it.

And – in honor of Georgey Patton (his wife called him Georgey) – a quote:

*If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.*

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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