In a Tight Spot

In “Oh Brother Where Art Though?”, there’s a scene where the guys are trapped in a barn…. surrounded by the police who are after them.

The main character runs around looking through the slats saying several times, “Damn, we’re in a tight spot.”

And – they are.

They’re surrounded. They have no weapons. They’re trapped.

Can’t remember how they escaped – but escape they did.

The point is – in our case – is this… if you’re in a tight spot – you’ll DO what needs to be done.

Too often, we’re stuck in a rut of inactivity… until that deadline looms OR we’re in a tight spot. The fear, anxiety, shame, whatever…. all hit you at once and boom… you’re DOING something about it.

Yes – could have done that a long time ago – but, did you?

Point is – use those emotions – use the fear to move forward instead of freezing you in one place. Don’t let the fear, anxiety, depression consume you or bring you to a halt.

Everyone gets in these tight spots.

Something will always come up.

Use it.

Moving forward requires skills. Learn the skills, teach your team and others, and start building your dream….. while getting paid.

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