10 Ways To Kill Mom Blogs

Blogging Mistakes That Cost Mom Blogs…

Be sure to watch the video below for more on this list.  Plus some bonus tips I just learned yesterday.

Something like 80% of Mom Blogs don’t make any money.

Here are 10 things that might kill your blog…

10 Ways To Kill Mom Blogs
It’s All About Me

Stories are GREAT.  Especially stories that inspire, motivate, or
entertain.  As long as they draw your readers in.  But – if your blog
is – all about YOU and MORE about YOU – then you might be losing some
readers.  Ever try to have a “conversation” with someone who only
talks about themselves?  How does that feel?  Yeah…..

Some feel that their blog is therapeutic.  And – yes – that’s all and
good as long as you don’t want to make any money blogging.  And – it
might be inspiring for others going through the same thing as you.

If You Build It…

… they will come.  Remember Kevin Costner’s baseball field?  He built
it, they came.  Might be true for his magical baseball field, but not
necessarily so for your blog.

Writing Spontaneously

You need readers and buyers.  I found this article on how to “Maximize
Your Blog Traffic in 9 Easy Steps” here:  Maximize Your Blog Traffic
in 9 Easy Steps  That – you might find helpful.

Spontaneous and Creative.  People will ADMIRE your creativity right?
Wow – how creative you are!  While creativity is FUN and inspiring,
sometimes it’s too much.  People come to your blog for information
they’re looking for….  Could be:  education, inspiration, or
entertainment.  Being spontaneous might not be the best way to attract
an audience and keep them there.  I once read this great tip from a
great negotiator:

No Engagement

Engagement?  Not like we’re getting married here.  But – really – it
IS about your relationship with your audience.  People buy from people
they know, like, and trust.  There have been many – a – blog I’ve
abandoned simply because the writer never responded to any of my
helpful comments.  (no worries – they were benign).  Even email lists
– same thing – if the person doesn’t even acknowledge my email – I
don’t feel like their worthy of my time as a buyer.  Do you feel that
way?  What’s it feel like when someone RESPONDS to your comments?  Now
– if you get super big and successful – it’s time consuming to respond
to every. Single. Comment.  But – you can acknowledge them – or use
slave labor in your kids to simply give them a thumbs up. 😀


So – you don’t write for a newspaper or a tabloid.  But – headlines
are what draw your audience in.  In a video or audio type of content –
it’s the first few minutes of your video… well, seconds actually.  You
could watch the first few seconds of my video and totally say – “OK,
enough of that” and off you go.  But – what if I told you there are 3
bonus tips at the end of my video?

Which –there are – so watch it below.

Back To School

What does school have to do with your blog content?  Grammar,
punctuation, and proper use of your language.  That’s what.  Yes – you
should write in a conversational tone – the same way you speak, BUT
people need to be able to read what you’ve written!  I’ve read some
blogs where I couldn’t get past the first sentence because they make
NO SENSE.  So – use the grammar you’ve been taught.  And – for the
sake of your OCD audience, use your spell-checker.

Ditch School

While grammar and all that are great – you still have to write in a
conversational tone.  This is not an essay for English class, nor is
it a thesis.  So – just write the way you talk – but keep it

Go To The Party

Now – I wouldn’t tell your kids to go to the party.  Especially if
there’s any alcohol involved…. Or they’re in sports.  But – you?  Have
to be social.  Comment on blogs you like.  Follow a few and include
your blog.  Or – sometimes I like to comment as my Facebook page.


Use legible fonts – black on white is most easily read.  Make it as
easy as possible to scan your blog post.  Sometimes – for videos –
I’ll lay out minute markings for my followers to find the nuggets
quickly and save them time.  Especially if it’s a training video I’m

Anyone remember the 80s web-sites?  Don’t do all that flashy stuff.  Just write.

Too Busy To Be… Consistent

Oh – that word.  CONSISTENCY.  One of the best blogs in the network
marketing niche is Ray Higdon’s.   He has a new post DAILY.  If you
don’t show up, neither will your audience.  You have to be there.
Consistently.  Not – every once in a while.  Or – when you feel like
it.  You have to show up in this biz – even if you don’t feel like it.

What If You Have Nothing To Say?

I have just the thing.

And a tip.

Ideas Are Everywhere. If you’re open to them.

Download my unlimited ideas for content MP3.

Feel free to share….and comment…

Ginny ~ Uber Busy Home Business Mom Sharing And Marketing

~ ginny@learnwithginny.com

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