You Only See What You Know – Can You Use That As a Mom Tool?

You Only See What You KnowYou only see what you know...

From one of my favorite sources of guest content – we have another letter from the late Jim Straw.  At the end of this post – I’ll expand and discuss how we can use this as a tool in our Mom tool kits.  But – first read the inspiration…

Through Your Eyes

You Only See What You Know!

by J.F. (Jim) STRAW

My daddy used to say, “You can only see another man through your own eyes. Whatever you think he might do to you is exactly what you would do to him if you were in his place.”

Customers Tell Me How To Cheat Them…

Over the past 30-odd years in business, I have learned the absolute truth in my Daddy’s saying. – My customers have given me step-by-step, point-by-point instructions on exactly how I could cheat them.

The Launch…

After spending months (sometimes years) devising a plan, idea or concept for making, saving or investing money for my customers (about 400,000 of them all together world wide), I finally implement the program and begin getting it into the hands of my customer base. Then, it usually takes about 10 days before the orders and letters begin flowing in.

The Letters…

Inevitably, in those letters, there will be 3 or more that begin, “I’m not going to order your plan because you could steal my money by…..” Then, they proceed to tell me exactly how I could cheat them. – Some of their plans are so complex and well thought out I really wonder where they find the time to do anything legal and constructive. I sure wouldn’t want to do business with them if I was on the buying side.

What They’ve Told Me About Themselves

If they think I would cheat them – and tell me exactly how I could do it – it is a foregone conclusion that that is exactly what they would do if they were in my position. Since they cannot read my thoughts, they must rely solely upon their own mental processes for any conclusions they may draw. Therefore, what they conclude that I could do would be the result of their own scheming, conniving little minds.

You Can Only See What You Know

You cannot get behind another person’s eyes; see what they are seeing, think what they are thinking, or know what they know. You can only see what you are seeing, think what you are thinking, and know what you know. Therefore, whatever you think that other person could do is what you would do, because it is your thought processes that have created the scenario.

“Judge not, lest ye be judged”

After lo’ these many years, I have come to the realization that my Daddy’s truism was really nothing more than an example of a much older truism – “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” The meaning comes out the same. When you judge others, you reveal to the world your own thoughts and mental processes.

Think About it…

Now that you know where judgmental opinions come from why not have some real fun with it.

The next time you read an article about what someone could have done; or hear someone explaining what the President meant when he said something; or a governmental investigating committee asks an accusing question, remember the “thought” process originated in the mind of the writer or speaker.

You’ll know more about that writer or speaker than they ever wanted you to know.


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You Know What You Know….

So as a Mom – what does this say about me?

And – if I LISTEN to my kids – what are they saying about themselves?

There’s science behind this.  I read some here.

This article really hits home.

Each judgmental phrase shows what you know – and how you see others shows how you feel:

“Look at her – eating like a pig.  It’s so gross” ~  What she’s really thinking – “I don’t feel good about myself and the way I eat – it disgusts me.”

“That guy is SO cocky – I can’t stand him.” ~translation:  “I wish I had more confidence in myself.”

“Her kids are SUCH brats.  She should really follow through with her discipline.”   ~Translation:  “My kids don’t listen to me – I know I should be more consistent in following through with consequences….”

I don’t know about you – but I definitely need to listen to what I’m saying and look at what it actually says about me… and as a Mom tool – I need to REALLY listen to what they’re saying about themselves.

Do you think we could use what we know now to listen better to our kids, customers, and our own selves?

Did you find this useful? Feel free to share.


Ginny ~ Marketing Coach

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