Let the Guilty Hang

*Sheriff Dave Bliss: This may be hell, but it’s still Oklahoma Territory. I don’t know who hung you or why, but we’ll give you a trial.*
No trial here.
You get hung….. because you hung yourself.
We Moms are victims of generations of sacrifice.
We are martyrs, saints, totally giving away all our time to those beings we gave birth to.
Are you doing them any favors by doing this? Making the giant sacrifice?
You are not.
Look around you – if you aren’t taking care of yourself and your business – and not putting yourself first – you truly end up giving those kids the short string.
They don’t get any truly good piece of you – because there’s nothing left.
Make yourself a priority.
Stop with the guilt.
See yourself as the successful awesome Mom you are and start taking care of your health and your business.
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If nothing else – and you already have minimum access – schedule your bonus coaching sessions with your Ignition coach and Ignite your life.
SHOW your kids what it’s all about.
Save them from the guilt of generations past …. and the hangman’s noose.
“Never Stop Learning” ginny@learnwithginny.com

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