Mom’s Random Tips To Keep Going Despite


Watch the video below where I’ll discuss these random tips to keep going despite the hurdles we put in front of ourselves.

On fear… Take action in SPITE of fear and let the fear CAUSE you to take action.


Random tips on leadership and getting through despite...
Get Out Of Your Own Way

Whatever is stopping you from taking action – habits, mindset, … DO something.  Anything.


Choose a path – and stay on it.

Have a plan – and stick to it.

The ups and downs don’t matter – you STILL have to stick with the plan.

Follow the Martial Arts

  • Courtesy (politeness) Courtesy is an unwritten law recommended by ancient teachers and wise men of the East for human perfection and construction of a more harmonic society. …
  • Integrity. …
  • Perseverance (endurance) …
  • Self-control. …
  • Indomitable spirit.

On Guilt…

Guilt is a hangup.

Failure and Emotion…

Good or bad – failure is just a result.

Remove emotion from your results.

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