Hey – Ginny here.  Welcome to my site. Learning is a life long passion and I believe it should be everyone’s. Our lives are too short not to learn as much as we can.  Home business marketing is what I’m engrossed in and what you’ll see a lot of here. In the future – you’ll see courses in various topics to choose from.  For now – come with me, learn what you can, and I’ll also share the direct sources of my discoveries.

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Life Lessons
Life Lessons We Can Learn From Baseball Before I list the 11 life lessons I chose to post here, let me tell you a tiny story… It’s like a high of 46 degrees Fahrenheit with snow pellets, wind, and wind chill…  Joseph is up to bat and the pellets are hurting his face as he faces a pitcher that’s a good 2 feet taller than him.  He steps into the box, gets ready, and…..   strike. Read More
Facebook for Business, Part 2 Remember this funnel from Facebook for Business, Part 1? After last week’s post, Facebook for Business Part 1, did you get a like campaign running?  I’ll admit – when I run my budget too low or too tight – I really want to throttle the like campaign.  And – I have – many times.  But, after realizing that Facebook is like it’s own funnel, having a like campaign to filterRead More
Generate Leads
How to Generate Leads Generate Leads After you’ve spent your advertising budget Generate Leads After you’ve run out of friends and family or generate leads after you’ve run out of ideas Do any of these sound like you? I know I’ve been there.  When my goal is 10 leads a day and I only have 2 trickling in from my ads.  Or I’ve had to scale back my ads because my budget is gone.  It’sRead More
Facebook for Business
Facebook for Business, Part 1 First let me tell you the #1 thing I’ve learned over the last few months while studying Facebook for Business. It’s this:  MASTER ONE THING, before learning another…   What I’m referring to is the fact that when I first started learning online marketing, I was just fascinated by it all still am!  But I kept learning something on one platform, then another, and then another…. I had that classicRead More
Prospecting and The Unavoidable Future Of Network Marketing Do You Feel Like You’ve Been Fed a Lot of BS When it Comes to Recruiting, Sales, and Network Marketing or Direct Sales? My friend Ferny really felt like the prospecting methods he was being taught were a bunch of bull.  Besides those prospecting methods (those hotel meetings – drawing circles on a napkin? Sound familiar?), he also felt like he was being fed a bunch of fluff….Read More
Moms – How do you find new customers on the internet? Use these 3 methods to find leads(find new customers) online.  The best LONG term method is the final method that I am using to find YOU. There’s actually 2 ways – One is to chase down or find new customers The second – is to attract new customers.  They both work, you just have to pick which way you want to go.   It’sRead More
Inner Critic You Inner Critic is a bully. Don’t be bullied – don’t be a victim of your inner critic. Do you have a voice in your head that says, I don’t know enough about this. I’m not a blogger. I’m not an advertising mogul . I’m a fat cow. I’m stupid … STOP! Right? Can you just TELL that bully to stop? What do you do? DO SOMETHING is my favorite method. So –Read More
Overcoming Objections
Is Overcoming Objections the Best Sales Strategy? Is it? Do You Use Cold Prospecting or Overcoming Objections as a Regular, Everyday Strategy? Is it an Effective Marketing Method? It works for some people.  If you’re a person who really wants this angle to work, I know a guy who’s the BEST at it. You can find him here.  If overcoming objections and using cold prospecting isn’t exactly your cup of tea, read on. Me?  I hateRead More
Internet Traffic School
You Could Rub Elbows with Amazing People, 7 Figure Earners, Masters of Internet Traffic, Masters of Internet Marketing Last year, I went to an event in San Diego, Internet Traffic Live 2.  It was AMAZING, Invigorating, Inspiring, Overwhelming, Life and Business Changing. Have you been to any events?  With your company?  How awesome was it?  Well, this event, was full of masters of internet marketing. There was Vince Reed, the GURU of targeted PPC marketingRead More
Marketing Images
Marketing Images Why Use Marketing Images and How to Do it Free In the video below, I’ll show you how I use marketing images every day in my posts, content, ads, and social media.  First, let’s take a look at why you should even use images in your content. Do something for me right now. Open up a new tab in your browser and login to your Facebook account.  Just scroll through the posts onRead More