Hey – Ginny here.  Welcome to my site. Learning is a life long passion and I believe it should be everyone’s. Our lives are too short not to learn as much as we can.  Home business marketing is what I’m engrossed in and what you’ll see a lot of here. In the future – you’ll see courses in various topics to choose from.  For now – come with me, learn what you can, and I’ll also share the direct sources of my discoveries.

Thanks for visiting!  See you soon!


THE Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, MomBlogger Marketing Skill Fro 2017….(that your upline probably won’t teach you) Now – upline – of course refers to the network marketing – MLM industry – or direct selling…. whatever you want to call it.  But – this skill?  Is THE skill to learn in 2017. Once you master it? You can use it everywhere. Bonus – what if you could earn residual income BEFORE you start building a team?Read More
Knowledge In a previous post – right here – I posted a guest post called “Knowledge is Power”. Watch the video below – I’ll go over the main idea of that article. I’ll also talk about the following – yeah – I’m just typing an outline for you and for me to stay on track in the video below. Time – is a precious commodity and I have a lot to do !  🙂  Enjoy..Read More
10 Ways To Improve Listening Skills This quote – from a Carnegie Institute study – IS over 100 years old – but it holds some truth about communication skills.  While I mine more gems from Earl Nightingale’s “The Essence of Success”, these 10 tips will greatly improve listening skills and parenting skills. Watch the video below for more explanation of each one. Just Listen. Use Empathy Use Facial Expressions Don’t Rule Out Any Topic AsRead More
12 Things To Pass On About Successful Living In The Essence of Success, Earl Nightingale shares this list of 12 things to remember about successful living – but doesn’t know who the author is. According to my Google search – it’s Marshal Field, founder of Marshal Field and Company. So – today’s post is simple – it’s this list for successful living. Watch the video for my more “in depth” description. 1. The value ofRead More
Risk and Goals Without some risk – we don’t stretch and learn.  Without Goals, we don’t know where we’re going.  Risk and Goals are forward motion. Ever hear this saying?  Or wise piece of advice? Keep your expectations low – and you won’t be disappointed. People do that.  They get hurt – they crawl into their shells and never come out. Life is meant to be lived – so use risk and goals to moreRead More
Books for Success  These are books I’ve read – have on my list – or have gotten from other lists….  from the people I learn from. Watch the video below too for a bit of extra stuff. Ben’s book – is huge…  watch the video below – I show you my copy 😉  And there are a TON of sales nuggets in this.  I’m sharing a few here and there – but I can’t comeRead More
Is Creative Thinking Only For The Arts?  I mean – Mr. Spock is brilliant right?  With all his logic?  But – if you remember – Spock was half human and he kind of needed Captain Kirk’s creative thinking to save the day.  And – Spock wasn’t ALWAYS logical anyway. So – most of us think of “creative thinking” as something to do with the arts…. Music, Art, Drama… But – what about thinkers who haveRead More
Some Habits Can’t Be Broken The Processional or Pine Caterpillar follows each other head to tail… in a line.   I’ll tell the story of an experiment in my video below – but they aren’t thinking creatures.  They just do – by instinct.  And – from what I read they are VERY destructive – defoliating swaths of forest. The problem with their – habit – for our purpose – is in the story… the experiment thatRead More
4 Happiness Habits for Success Happiness habits – can you create happiness in your life with habits? I talked in the video below about some lessons from Dr. Maltz’s book (you can get it for free – read how here).  His whole premise is to change your self-image to accomplish your goals.  Too often our self-image stifles our creativity and actually doesn’t give us enough room to grow.  It’s like we put these walls aroundRead More
8 Presentation Tips to Boost Sales *Small commitments lead to big commitments In this presentation – He got the audience to get up and follow instructions…. He basically said the mind controls the body,  the body controls the mind…  buying comes from the subconscious and emotion. Get your audience to say yes — 7 times before you offer your product. Throughout the presentation he asked questions…. got the audience to say yes several times.  Read More

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