Hey – Ginny here.  Welcome to my site. Learning is a life long passion and I believe it should be everyone’s. Our lives are too short not to learn as much as we can.  Home business marketing is what I’m engrossed in and what you’ll see a lot of here. In the future – you’ll see courses in various topics to choose from.  For now – come with me, learn what you can, and I’ll also share the direct sources of my discoveries.

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Webinar Tips

Before I give you the goods and quick webinar tips – let’s take a look at something. “Practice Makes Perfect” ~  or – at least it helps right?  So – BEFORE you do your first webinar….. Just do it. Don’t wait for perfect – because as a human being?  Perfect never happens.Facebook Live Strategy

Is there a such thing as TOO much practice?

I think

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Network Marketing Success?

I always thought network marketing, MLM, direct selling, all of it, was a scam. So funny – because – NOW – when people say, “oh, you’re one of THOSE”, I don’t even blink an eye. When I was a kid,  I remember my Mom and Dad getting hooked into on of those “scams”.  It was called Amway.  I also remember linking Amway with a dirty word.  So – I totally get Paula’s

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Crush It – How to Crush it, Own it, Bring it… to Your Business and Your Life

“Crush” It Defined:

The dictionary definition of crush:  To press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms. 2. to squeeze or pound into small fragments or particles, as ore, stone, etc. So, we can look at this from several angles. We can DESTROY our goals.  Squeeze out the bad stuff.  POUND out the good stuff.  Right?  Totally

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Finding Your Purpose

And Finding Your Power

We all need a purpose.  If our purpose is powerful and clear – we can visualize where we want to be and we can REACH those goals.  Finding your purpose will rocket launch your motivation to impact MORE people (and make more sales)…Finding Your Purpose Sometimes – we use a really self-centered one – like “I want to make money.”

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Looking for a Facebook Live Strategy to Implement?

Today – on EMP’s  Daily training, Kate McShae – master video marketer – shared strategy and implementation of Facebook Live Strategy. You’ll find that the strategy is very similar to what I outlined in this Periscope strategy on a previous post. By the way – on a side story – my first Periscope was an EPIC failure.  My first Facebook Live was ummm – lack

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What IS CopyWriting?

That was MY first question when my mentors told me to take “The CopyWriter’s Guild” and WOW – it’s an “old” course in the day and age where technical stuff is out of date in what – a day?  (Exaggerating – but still) So – the old art (and it IS an art) of copywriting is definitely NOT dead – but you do have to learn some of it –

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The Power of Positive Energy

Use the power of positive energy to get stuff done. How do you do that when you’re feeling negative? You’re letting things weigh you down.  In the last “Daily Dose of Awesome” call I was on – we discussed not letting things weigh you down.  Because it stops you from acting.  And actions are the only things that will move you forward. Did you know that everything in the universe

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Money Problems?

We all have money problems of some kind.  OR – is it simply a money mindset? Money Problems I haven’t been to Church in a while.  We won’t get into all the reasons – but let’s get into the story. I’m a pianist / organist in addition to all this marketing stuff.  I haven’t been playing regularly, but I worked hard at it all my

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Habits of Successful People

Whether it’s success financially, in health, or family, all successful people have some things in common.  Here are some of them.  I’ll list some good books throughout and at the end of this post – as well as a soundtrack of master copywriter Vitaly Grinbalt discussing some of the traits and habits of successful people. Habits of Successful People #1 Financially successful people

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Success of Internet Marketing

Can You Guarantee You’ll Get Back What You Spend?

What Are the Steps?

Those are a couple of the questions we get about the success of internet marketing.  Especially coming from a home business owner who knows nothing about internet marketing. Here’s the problem though…. with home business owners – ESPECIALLY in the network marketing and MLM niches.  Many just plain do it all wrong. Have you gotten the spammy messages

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