So Simple, It’s Brilliant

Debt. Is NOT a good thing.

It’s not.

At least not to ME. I don’t like owing anyone anything. Period.

Yea, yeah, yeah…. it’s supposed to be good for your credit score and all that stuff… but who the heck CARES about a credit score if you only spend what you have anyway?

I recently heard a podcast about this super-simple-plan-to-get-out-of-debt…

The guy had accumulated a LOT of student loan debt, new car debt, and credit card debt…. And, being in the internet marketing world, wanted to know from the podcaster how to make a quick buk to get out of debt… fast….

The plan – was – SUPER – simple.

The guy…. like most average American peeps… had accumulated a lot of STUFF.

Stuff he didn’t use or need anymore.

Stuff -that was worth something.

So – the plan – was this:

*sell your stuff (including that nice new car) – downsize to something else and pay cash. This guy also had internet marketing courses still in the box he’d never used!

*even re-sell other stuff you buy (people do that – collect stuff and sell it for profit on EBay, Craigslist, whatevs…)

*Use all that mulah you make to pay off ALL the debt.

*Now – all those payments are gone…. start saving…. and learning…. and doing buzness.

Super simple.

So simple – I decided to try some of the tactics in my very own marketing using the very skills I learned in the free 10-day course that you already took… and the lessons I learned in this age-old course…. it’s FULL of old-time marketing, and language, that will boost sales.

Just a few things learned included:

*How to instantly set yourself apart in the marketplace by presenting powerful credentials no one else can duplicate!


*How to make your copy more personal

*How to increase sales by increasing the number of ways you deliver copy to your customers

Those are just 3 teeny things from 7 bonus reports thrown in…. not even part of the course.

‘nough said – here’s your link: Click here

PS -this course is included in the whole library when you go VIP.

Your friend,


“Never Stop Learning” @learnwithginny

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