Spam I Am

Oh that Spam! I hate that Spam I Am.
Try this, try that, you don’t know until you try.
It’s free, and it’ll make you BE.
The greatest ever, that Spam said…
*never* True story.
One of my Facebook ads had this comment on it..
Over and over and over again. Don’t know WHY or HOW that dude had the TIME to do that to my ad.
But – it tickled my funny bone.
At first – because it WAS my first – I was a tad put off by it.
But then – you have to realize – that if you don’t turn some people off – you aren’t turning any on either.
Like gray culture I talked about yesterday.
I saw a video once – where everyone was gray – can’t remember how or where – but it was a parody on how gray this society and media want us to be…..
That’s beside the point.
The point is – it’s OK to have haters.
People will hit the “unsubscribe” button today I’m sure – they do all the time.
Those people? Will never buy your products anyway. So – why let them have any of your energy?
Instead – focus on writing ads, emails, blog posts that stir them up – either get them out or real them in.
Learn exactly how to do this in this course (free webinar first…. so go ahead and watch…):
“Never Stop Learning”

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