The N Word

o party… left, right, or wrong…. wants to be associated with the N word.
Scrolling the angry trolls on Twitter with the hashtag womensmarch2018, you see that N word being thrown around quite a bit.
Even though – people don’t REALLY know what a Nazi really is or what it stands for.
You could argue that the far left are Nazis and prove it AND you could argue that the far right are Nazis and prove it.
People get all emotional and riled up over stupid things people say and show their mushy emotional, irrational, and not well-though-out “slogans”.
On the other hand – if you scroll the ridiculousness of it all with a sense of humor – you might find something to write about in your daily emails.
Or to say in your daily live rants on FB.
We all think we’re right – but it all comes down to who reaches us emotionally.
Last week – I talked about this buying emotion.
Kind of runs along the same lines as the emotions we vote with. (for REAL – there IS no way to KNOW the facts about a candidate – so face it – it’s an emotional decision).
There are words you can use to tap into some of those emotions…
And – there’s a back issue – a secret door that I can show you as a member of EMP – where Tim Erway talks about powerful words you can use. (while digging a third time for this material – I found more by Vitally Grinblat … gold)
Anyway… He warns to use these secrets with caution – and with good judgement.
I had to DIG to find this – and I even had to go through some hoops to get access.
You can try – but you might not find it.
You have to be a member and you have to know that this exists.
~Ginny~ “Never Stop Learning”

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