The Wrong Ways Network Marketers Use The Internet

People don’t want to be sold…. but they LOVE to buy.
No one likes to be “sold”… or persuaded into buying something they don’t need.
It’s why we don’t pick the phone up when some stranger is calling…
Why we press the fast-forward button on our DVRs….
Why we run into the bathroom to hide (quietly) when some stranger with pamphlets in hand knocks on the door…
Even in a bar or on the street – we women avoid eye contact with the players – not wanting to get sucked into their ways.
So – what makes network marketers and affiliate marketers think we’re going to like these persuasion tactics?
Or worse – the hounding….
(some persuasion secrets really work – there’s a 2 part presentation in the WWN archive – if you’re a member, ask me)
The WRONG things include:*
*unsolicited friend requests on FB with no explanation…
I’m usually glad to make a new acquaintance but when I ask you – “how do we know each other?” and you don’t answer? Nope.
Or you respond with : watch this video and let’s chat. ummm… no…..
*getting thrown into a FB group whether I want to be there or not…
It’s the equivalent of grabbing someone off the street, cramming them into your trunk, and bringing them to a party.
*spamming all your friends and family with your link.
Confession – I’ve done this. It didn’t make any friends. People got annoyed – some blocked me.
*Diving right into a sales pitch.
Did I say no one wants to be sold?
I get it – these tactics are what we do because they’re free. Because that’s what we’ve been told over and over – to reach out to as many people as possible because it’s “all in the numbers”…. Doesn’t matter who they are, what they’re interested in, whether they could use our product or not right?
What if I told you there was a way you could attract the perfect customers and prospects that are ALREADY looking for what you have to offer?
Yup – you just have to be there – in front of them – when they search for your solution.
Recent post I saw – some dude – a network marketer to an EMP member…. I’ll cal him N and the replies E.
N: “please take me off” E: “I cant take you off of Facebook” N: “you’re giving my team members the wrong impression” E: “not true – we teach people how to be successful on the internet” N: “I know how to build solid teams – and this is not the way” E: “Probably true – I don’t know you – but you’re wrong…” N: “you’ll never replace person-to-person contact”
I think E stopped replying – or I quit reading – had enough of the conversation.
He’s wrong.
A lot of people join opportunities without ever even meeting their upline.
I did.
So – I know – this stuff works.
I did eventually meet her…but when I joined? Never even talked on the phone.
The building tools are available.
It starts with this blueprint:
“Never Stop Learning”

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