This. Is. Frustrating…

It Doesn’t WORK!
Once upon a time – back when I was spamming people all over Twitter…..
I had this lengthy – time-consuming chat with a “marketer”.
He was doing the same as me, actually,… except….
I’d learned that sending links to people out of the blue – is considered SPAM. (be careful of this behavior – your account could get shut down….)
Anyway – at the time, I was JUST learning how to place targeted ads on all these social media platforms.
And – me, being me, wanted to share my new knowledge.
He says – “tried that, it doesn’t work”.
Then – why do you see so many ads?
All KINDS of ads.
From Coke to Toyota to very small home-biz opps…..
And – these social media companies don’t rake in the dough for nothing.
My thousands of dollahs spent in ads have taught me many things…. And – they do work when they’re done right.
Problem is – the learning curve costs some monee…. and MANY people (and businesses) feel that spending on ads is the first thing they should cut.
Oh – but it’s SO much easier to find leads in your inbox – that are willing to talk to you – and are there in the first place because you have something they want…..
Why is it so frustrating?
Because you place an ad…..
you get clicks….. (which is exactly what you’re paying for)
Then – no leads.
you get leads that never buy.
It takes a little bit of magic to fix this problem.
The formula sounds super simple – but simple can be deceiving.
You have to match your message (your ad) with your landing page, with your offer, and to your audience.
Watch this FREE webinar to find out how to do that (It’s an ancient secret):
“Never Stop Learning”

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