Yell At Your Kids

Another parenting mogul advises that yelling at your kids does the following:

*Makes them feel unloved.

*Makes them feel stupid

*Shuts them down

*Scares them

And – they don’t MEAN to make you upset….

Just to be the the devil’s advocate for a moment….

*Why would I yell at them if I didn’t love them? Why would I even care?

That’s how I justify it anyway…. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t yell.

But – it’s true – If I see my kid drooping his shoulders as I yell … I might want to stop and listen to myself.

AND – my daughter once said – about a coach that yells a lot – “He’s just trying to teach me something – I have to try and take out of it what I can and let the rest roll….”

*When you’re yelling about something you KNOW about and they don’t – it could make them feel stupid – but then again, if they’re straight A students – what more proof do they need? Are we raising a bunch of pansies?

*Shuts them down. Depends on their personality. My daughter fires right up and yells back. My eldest – yes – shut right down and never talked to you again (until the hurt wore off)

*It’s scary…. don’t have an argument for that. It is. If my hubby and I are yelling at each other – it can get pretty scary…. until we take a step back and realize we’re acting like a**es….. and… maybe a little scare is a good thing?

Or not.

Sometimes – yelling is not necessarily a bad thing. Kind of like crying. Guys will say that you “shouldn’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about…” when you really need to cry.

If you need to yell? Yell. But – just keep in mind the personalities involved and WHAT is coming out of your mouth.

I’m no expert – and I know some parents who yell WAY too much – to the detriment of their kids who I truly feel sorry for – but there are parents who are just the opposite using WAY too calm a voice in EVERY situation. (which is aNNOYing)

Should you yell in your videos? On FB or YT? THERE’s a thought.

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I’ll tell you one thing – I once had a mentor that DID yell every once in a while in his webinars… and it really brought out the kid in me that felt like.. I should be doing what he says…..

Might be just the ticket to get your prospects DOING instead of constantly reading, listening, nodding their heads…

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